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September 25, 2022

Episode Description

Jeremy discusses his 3hr morning routine, why he does 1 minute microworkouts throughout the day and how he avoids burning rice while focusing deeply.

What he concentrates on

Day job: Product Manager at MessageMedia 

Side project: Building Focus Bear


  • xc skiing
  • trail running
  • cycling
  • green renovations

Morning Routine (5:40am - 9:40am)

Exercise (walk, yoga, HIIT, run): 90 minutes

Meditation/mindset/journalling: 40 minutes

Work emails (check for fires): 45 minutes spread out throughout routine

Planning for day: 8 minutes

Life maintenance (brush teeth, cook breakfast, shower, make bed): 20 minutes

Learning (anki, duolingo, reading): 30 minutes

Tactics for staying focused

  • Block distractions using Focus Bear
  • Prioritise on paper
  • Super pomodoro mode
  • Microworkouts throughout day to keep energy high

Wind Down Activities (5pm-9:30pm)

Walk: 20 minutes

Cook dinner: 20 minutes

Work emails (check for fires): 30 minutes spread out throughout routine

Deep work (youtube videos/blog posts): 30 minutes

Marketing: 12 minutes

Prepare for next day (check time logs, check calendar, write todolist): 13 minutes

Life maintenance (lock door, charge phone, shower, clean house, check weather): 25 minutes

Mindset (review day, accountability coach, personal development questions): 40 minutes 

Chinese study: 25 minutes

Reading: 6 minutes

Relationships (wish facebook friends happy birthday, Covve): 8 minutes 

Evening yoga: 10 minutes


  • Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen
  • Focus Bear app to block distractions

How to stay in touch with Jeremy

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