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Focus Bear is an anti-distraction and anti-burnout app for people with ADHD and ASD. The team behind Focus Bear is neurodivergent (ND) – we tried all the productivity and wellness apps out there and didn’t find them a good fit for our brains…so we built our own.

Rates of ADHD diagnosis are skyrocketing at the moment due to increased awareness. The app is built in mind for ND folks (15 years and older) who need help focusing on their studies or work.

Learn more about the science behind Focus Bear ➤

We started by building the app for ourselves.

Half of our team is ND so we experience the productivity and wellbeing challenges we’re trying to solve ourselves. Along the way, we’ve interviewed hundreds of ND folk to find out what would be most helpful.

Founder’s Note

Jeremy in office

G'day mate!

I've got ADHD and ASD (L1) and productivity and healthy habits felt impossible to achieve consistently. Despite my best intentions, every day my amazing morning routine would devolve into sleepily checking emails - and then wondering what happened to my time.

I wanted a tool that would actually force me to get my yoga done instead of scrolling. And I tried everything; parental control apps, hiding my laptop in a cupboard, asking my wife to slap me if she found me on email in the morning.

None of them worked consistently and my cheeks were getting sore.

In desperation, I started working on a new app that would blend the best features from other apps out there. One that would guide me towards better habits while reducing procrastination.

And now I have the solution - Focus Bear.

Since using the app, I’ve consistently done my morning routine and reached Super Saiyan status as a Yogi (or at least that’s my excuse for dying my hair blond).

Try out Focus Bear for free and have your beary best day!

Jeremy Nagel

Chief Bear Obeyer (CBO), Focus Bear

Meet the team

Profile Photo
Jeremy Nagel
Founder / Chief Bear Obeyer
Profile Photo
Manish Jain
Head of Engineering
Profile Photo
Paolo Maderazo
Operations and
Growth Marketing
Profile Photo
Deon Visser
Full Stack Developer
Profile Photo
Amanuel Tesfaye
Front End Developer
Profile Photo
Gaurav Kumar
Mobile Developer
Profile Photo
Andrea Cuéllar
Social Media
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