Focus Bear for Desktop

We're working on the Android App. In the meantime you can signup for the waitlist and we'll email you as soon as it's ready for download.
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Also available for other platforms:

The iOS app is still in beta (but it works pretty well). It's a two-step process to download the app:


First, download Apple Test Flight
and then come back here
to get the redeem code


Download and install
the Focus Bear App

Let's do it

Click here to download
Apple Test Flight

Remember to come back here afterwards for the redeem code

Done installing Test Flight

Sweet! Now you can download Focus Bear with this link


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What platforms does Focus Bear run on?
Can I use Focus Bear on multiple devices?
How do I get support?
Does the app log my keystrokes and take screenshots?
Will the app interrupt me when I'm in a meeting?
Will it interfere with Do Not Disturb mode?
How frequently will it make me take breaks?
Why is it good for people with ADHD?
How does Focus Bear work?
Can I use Focus Bear for free?
How much does it cost?
What are your payment options?
Do you offer free trials?
Do you offer refunds?
What is ADHD?
What are the main types of ADHD?
What are the common symptoms of ADHD?
When does ADHD typically start, and how is it diagnosed?
What causes ADHD?
Can adults have ADHD, or is it only a childhood disorder?
How is ADHD treated?
Is there a cure for ADHD?
How can I support a loved one with ADHD?
Can people with ADHD excel in school or work?

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