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The iOS app is still in beta (but it works pretty well). It's a two-step process to download the app:


First, download Apple Test Flight
and then come back here
to get the redeem code


Download and install
the Focus Bear App

Let's do it

Click here to download
Apple Test Flight

Remember to come back here afterwards for the redeem code

Done installing Test Flight

Sweet! Now you can download Focus Bear with this link


Pricing Plan

Focus Bear is a holistic productivity and work life balance app that helps you follow healthy habits in the morning, get a ton done at work and switch off in the evening so you have quality time with loved ones and plenty of sleep.

Pro Features

Cross device distraction blocking
Personalized habit routines
Productivity enhancing breaks
Customizable focus modes
Automatic goal tracking
Focus Bear logo.


To get you started
Block up to 5
websites & apps
Morning & Evening Routines
Browser Tab Limiter
To-Do List


Everything in Basic plus...
Super Pomodoro
Unlimited Blocking
AI Blocking
Focus Modes
Focus Music
Meeting Detection
Partner Password
Strictness Levels
Other Add-Ons

3 ways Focus Bear can help you get stuff done

As well as blocking distractions (no more instagram when you planned to meditate), Focus Bear has many other benefits.

How much are distractions
costing you?

How many hours do you lose to distractions per week?

2 Hours

How much do you charge per hour?

Distractions are currently costing you $100 per week.
We think we can help.

Pricing and Billing FAQs

Can I use Focus Bear for free?
What are your payment options?
Do you offer free trials?
Do you offer refunds?
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