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Being late sucks. Most calendar apps don't give notifications that stand out to ADHD brains. Late No More gives notifications that escalate in intensity as it gets closer to the start time. If you ignore the popups, you'll get verbal alerts (or a song).

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Being late to appointments suck!

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Calendar notifications built for ADHD brains

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Be Early +
Be Present

I’ve gotta admit that not only am I frequently late for meetings, I’m also frequently multitasking/distracting. Reflecting on it, what’s the point of showing up for the meeting if I’m not going to be there mentally as well? I’ve started cancelling irrelevant meetings with 50 people in them. If the purpose of the meeting is for me to absorb information, I’d rather listen back to the recording at 2x speed. 

For the meetings that I do choose to attend, I want to give them my full attention: camera on, no other apps, listening intently. That’s really hard for my brain but it’s not impossible. It starts with aligning my motivation: why do I want to show up for the meeting? Hopefully it’s an engaging meeting. If not, that’s ok - I can treat it as an opportunity to train my focus muscle and use the tactics that work for me - clearing distractions from my desk, taking notes and sometimes playing with a fidget toy if I need to (“Busy hands, quiet mind” right?).

Late No More - Never be late again, built by a team with ADHD | Product Hunt
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