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Block Distractions.
Build Habits

Built by a team with ADHD for people who need better focus.

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What makes
Focus Bear Different


Designed by
neuroscience experts

We built Focus Bear with the help of our scientific advisory board. Standard productivity apps work well for neurotypical people but not so well for neurodiverse folks.

Read more about our approach here.

Don’t Just Track Habits,
Stack Them

Other apps send you gentle push notifications asking you to track your habits. Focus Bear is much more hands-on: your whole computer and phone is locked until you finish your morning routine (you can still skip habits if you absolutely need to). It’s not just habit reminders either, Focus Bear does your habits with you in real time. For habits that benefit from guidance, it can play relevant YouTube videos (e.g. a follow along HIIT video) without the distractions of the YouTube feed.

Cross device distraction blocking

There are a lot of content blockers out there that try to avoid distractions. We’ve tried a lot of them and haven’t found one that works well across all your devices. With Focus Bear, when you’re in deep work, your phone won’t ding and distracting apps are automatically blocked. We’ve got all the obvious features: pomodoro mode, block lists, allow lists. 

Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks

Focus Bear reminds you to take regular breaks so all that productivity doesn’t give you a screen headache/sore neck.

Importantly, it won't interrupt you when you're in a meeting to avoid awkward screen sharing moments. We detect if your microphone/camera is on and don't prompt you for breaks until you're out of the meeting.

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Block distractions
across all your devices

Get into deep work with distraction blocking across all your devices. You can remove blocks if you have an emergency.

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Don't Track Habits
Do Them

Tracking habits isn't enough. Focus Bear guides you through each habit in real time. Use embedded YouTube videos for motivation (e.g. follow along to HIIT workout).

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Take productivity-
boosting breaks.

Take breaks every 20 minutes - your brain and body will thank you. Auto-detects meetings so you don't get asked to do breaks when you're on a call.

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Make your phone

Your phone doesn’t have to be a source of distraction. Start a deep work block on your computer and your phone will immediately enter Zen mode.

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Emily Hughes

Get started with Habit Packs

Not sure where to start? No problem!

Customize your daily routine with a selection of Habit Packs by fitness instructors like Emily Hughes to guide you through your day with short exercises like yoga, pilates, and breathing exercises.

Habit Pack by Emily Hughes >>

Founder’s Note

Jeremy sitting in an office

G'day mate!

Despite my best intentions, every day my amazing morning routine would devolve into sleepily checking emails - and then wondering what happened to my time.

I wanted a tool that would actually force me to get my yoga done instead of scrolling. And I tried everything; parental control apps, hiding my laptop in a cupboard, asking my wife to slap me if she found me on email in the morning.

None of them worked consistently and my cheeks were getting sore.

In desperation, I started working with a MacOS dev on a new app that would blend the best features from other apps out there. One that would guide me towards better habits while reducing procrastination.

And now I have the solution - Focus Bear.

Since using the app, I’ve consistently done my morning routine and reached Super Saiyan status as a Yogi (or at least that’s my excuse for dying my hair blond).

Try out Focus Bear for free and have your beary best day!

Jeremy Nagel

Chief Bear Obeyer (CBO), Focus Bear

The Science Behind Focus Bear

The Focus Bear app has been designed based on recent neuroscience and psychology research. Our scientific advisory board include Marta Galan (Registered Clinic Neuropsychologist and ADHD specialist).

The Science Behind Focus Bear


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