Built by a founder with ADHD on neuroscience principles to help you stick with your habits and get stuff done.

Five science-backed
ways Focus Bear helps
you focus


Eliminate distractions

The internet has transformed into a dopamine-inducing environment, and distractions are all around us. Since we possess a limited capacity for attentional resources, these distractions can drain our cognitive energy. For that reason, we based our distraction blocking system on neuroscience studies. Small distractions have a big impact on productivity but by nipping distractions in the bud, Focus Bear keeps your productivity high when you need it the most.


Start the day right

Research indicates that exercise can help improve attention throughout the day in adults with ADHD. A systematic review indicated that meditation and yoga may also be useful though further studies are needed. Focus Bear guides you through a morning routine that will boost your focus throughout the day. It's customisable as everyone is different.


Eliminate Decision Fatigue

Thinking about what to do next can be mentally exhausting. As studies indicate, people with attentional deficits have an even harder time making decisions due to an impairment in the executive function circuits of the brain. Focus Bear bridges this cognitive gap by delivering pre-loaded habit routines and break activities that display at pre-determined intervals. Once they’re set, they appear automatically, so you never have to worry about what will happen next. The system we created aims to simplify the decision-making process for you, allowing you to dedicate more time and energy to tasks that are more important to you.


Use visual cues to increase focus

We bundle in visual protocols that enhance concentration based on research from Balcetis and colleagues.


Increase Motivation

Get a holistic perspective of your goal-directed behavior without having to manually track everything. Every week, Focus Bear automatically tracks your breaks, routine completion, and time worked and displays a beautiful graph of how well (or poorly) you’re doing. Knowing where you stand in relation to your goals can get your motivation going.

Meet the team behind Focus Bear

Jeremy Nagel

Founder & CEO
Diagnosed with ADHD
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Alex Malioukis

Registered Clinical Neuropsychologist
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Marta Galan

ADHD Specialist
Registered Clinical Neuropsychologist and ADHD specialist
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The four biggest features to keep your brain happy and your life better

Timed Habit Routines

Pre-chosen routines have to be completed before you can start work. Each routine step has a countdown so you finish it before you move on.

Productive Brain Breaks

Break activities are pre-chosen and show at regular increments with a countdown timer. Enjoy breaks that give your brain a rest and don't go too long.

Distractions, Blocked

Focus modes, either as Pomodoros, built in, or customised, keep you on task and in flow for a set amount of time.

Progress, tracked

Every break activity and habit is automatically tracked. Every time a task is completed, a graph shows you how far you’ve come.