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The iOS app is still in beta (but it works pretty well). It's a two-step process to download the app:


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Upgrade Your
Executive Functioning

Upgrade Your

Built by a team with ADHD + ASD for AuDHDers who need to be productive, punctual, and peaceful.
Focus Bear is designed for people with ADHD and Autism (AuDHD) but is useful for anyone who struggles with distractions and executive functioning.
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What makes
Focus Bear Different


Based on lived experience

We built this for ourselves first - our founder and many team members are neurospicy (ADHD + ASD).


Stick to your habits

Have you ever had a moment of weakness after waking up and scrolled Instagram instead of doing a workout? Stick to your day plan with our real time habit guide feature.


Make every device safe

There are a lot of distraction blockers out there. We’ve tried them and haven’t found one that works well across all your devices.


AI Blocking

Focus Bear uses an AI algorithm to determine if a site is relevant to your focus intentions.



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url blocking screenshot

Block distractions
across all your devices

Get into deep work with distraction blocking across all your devices. You can remove blocks if you have an emergency.

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Morning Routine Screenshot

Morning routines
to boost productivity

Research indicates that doing activities like meditation and exercise in the morning boosts focus throughout the day. Focus Bear doesn't just track your habits, it guides you through your habits in real-time and blocks distractions (no more mornings where Insta derails your exercise regime).

Screenshot of micro-break start screen
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Take productivity-boosting breaks

Take breaks every 20 minutes - your brain and body will thank you. Detects when you are in hyper-focus on chooses a good time to suggest a break. It auto-detects meetings so you don't get asked to do breaks when you're on a call.

Mobile App Screenshot

Make your phone distraction-free

Get into deep work with distraction blocking across all your devices. You can remove blocks if you have an emergency.

Late No More screenshot

Never be late... again!

Being late sucks. Most calendar apps don't give notifications that stand out to ADHD brains. Late No More gives notifications that escalate in intensity as it gets closer to the start time. If you ignore the popups, you'll get verbal alerts

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Founder’s Note

Jeremy in office

G'day mate!

I've got ADHD and ASD (L1) and productivity and healthy habits felt impossible to achieve consistently. Despite my best intentions, every day my amazing morning routine would devolve into sleepily checking emails - and then wondering what happened to my time.

I wanted a tool that would actually force me to get my yoga done instead of scrolling. And I tried everything; parental control apps, hiding my laptop in a cupboard, asking my wife to slap me if she found me on email in the morning.

None of them worked consistently and my cheeks were getting sore.

In desperation, I started working on a new app that would blend the best features from other apps out there. One that would guide me towards better habits while reducing procrastination.

And now I have the solution - Focus Bear.

Since using the app, I’ve consistently done my morning routine and reached Super Saiyan status as a Yogi (or at least that’s my excuse for dying my hair blond).

Try out Focus Bear for free and have your beary best day!

Jeremy Nagel

Chief Bear Obeyer (CBO), Focus Bear

The Science Behind
Focus Bear

The Focus Bear app has been designed based on lived experience and recent neuroscience and psychology research. Our scientific advisory board includes Marta Galan (Registered Clinic Neuropsychologist and ADHD specialist).

The Science Behind Focus Bear


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Will the app interrupt me when I'm in a meeting?
Will it interfere with Do Not Disturb mode?
How frequently will it make me take breaks?
Why is it good for people with ADHD?
How does Focus Bear work?
How much does it cost?
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