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Why Do you Have to Build a Morning Routine to be More Productive?

Nov 15, 2022

The morning is a critical part of your day because the way you start your morning determines your productivity for the rest of the day. In this article, we will talk about why you have to build morning habits and routines.

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Table of Contents

Your morning can determine how your day will go

If you decide to start your morning without a plan, with no motivation and no forethought, the possibility of your day being stressful is high. This can make you quite anxious and make you less productive. However, if you adopt new habits by forming a morning routine, you can reduce stress, increase your productivity, and be in a good mood every day. It will also make you want to accomplish more, meaning you will push yourself to set targets and hit them.

Waking up early and having a “get ready for the day” routine psychs your mind up for success

The best way to start your morning is to wake up early, immediately get out of bed, and catch some sunlight and fresh air. When you wake up early and get fresh air and that morning sunlight, it helps the oxygen flow freely in your body. It’s also good for your metabolism and neurotransmitters in your brain.

After enjoying the fresh air and sun, it’s time to go back inside and make the bed. Making your bed every morning will make your bedroom look neat and organized. It will increase your focus and set the tone for your day. Making your bed will give you a sense of accomplishment which will motivate you to get more done.

The 90/90/1 Rule:

Applying this simple yet powerful system every morning will motivate you and help you achieve your goals. Productivity and leadership teacher Robin Sharma created this rule. He teaches CEOs and entrepreneurs this technique to help them maximize productivity to reach their goals.

The rule is: “For the next 90 days spend the first 90 minutes of your work day on your single most important project”.

Mr. Sharma calls it “your game-changing move”.

In applying this rule, you focus on the project with the utmost priority and work on it for at least 90 minutes. Do this for 90 days straight. Within this time frame, you will have accomplished a lot. Can you imagine how much you can get done if you worked on a project for at least 90 mins each day for 90 days?

As part of your morning routine, if you apply this rule, you will accomplish more, encouraging you to do more.

A morning routine helps you to break bad habits:

Change starts with the willingness to accept that you need to change. To become more successful, you should be determined to let go of any bad habits and replace them with better ones. Once you commit to a morning routine, you will start forming productive habits. For example, if your bad habit is an addiction to your phone or tablet, you can commit to a morning routine that does not include your phone.

Phone addiction is one of the major addictions ruining the lives of millions of people every day. For some people, the first thing they do in the morning is look at their phones. They get to work and spend their prime working hours glued to their phone, severely marring their productivity.

If you set up a morning routine that doesn’t include using your phone when you first wake up, you will be well on your way to dominating your day. If you get stuck on your phone first thing in the morning and during your prime hours at work, you should replace this habit with the 90/90/1 method to maximize your productivity. If you start your morning with a productive routine, the habit is likely to continue, making you more productive.

If you tune up your morning, you will have more energy and focus:

You can’t be productive unless you are focused and energetic. The secret to more focus and energy is being active, healthy, and happy. When you start your morning right, you will have the energy to do more.

Incorporate a gratitude practice

If you have a morning routine of meditating, counting your blessings, and being grateful for all the little gifts in life, you will feel more fulfilled. Being grateful gives you a serotonin boost and a more optimistic outlook on life. We don’t always realize how blessed we are until we lose something.

When you set up your mornings right, counting your blessings, you will focus more on the positive events and look for more of them. Your day will flow better, and you won’t spend time obsessing over things you can’t control. Of course, all days are different; we can’t always predict the future. However, we can set ourselves up so that we dominate our days.

Need help with your morning routine? Try Focus Bear

Setting up a new morning routine can be tricky. Focus Bear is designed to help you bootstrap your morning routine. You decide what habits you want to follow when you’re in a state of high motivation. The next morning when you’re feeling tired and unmotivated, the app is there to help. It takes over your computer and phone, transforming a source of distraction into a powerful habit helper.

The app walks you through each habit one at a time. If relevant, it shows a Youtube video to make the activity easier. For example, instead of just asking you to breathe deeply, the app shows a breathing visualisation with a countdown timer. You can do the same with exercise habits: find Youtube videos for HIIT/yoga and the app will choose a random video each morning for you to follow along with. Best of all, the videos are embedded which means you won’t get distracted by the Youtube feed.

If you’d like to try out Focus Bear, jump onto

Nov 15, 2022

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