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Focus Bear vs. Vitamin R: Choosing Your Next Productivity App

Mar 29, 2023

Vitamin R or Focus Bear? Find out which productivity app is perfect with this comprehensive comparison of both products.

Feeling like a productivity slump is hitting you harder than a ton of bricks? 

Don't worry; we've all been there! 

Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction. You know, something to keep you on track when you're feeling drained, unfocused, or overwhelmed with a mountain of tasks. 

Your devices and the internet can be the ultimate productivity killers. So it’s only fair we explore ways to turn them from productivity killers to productivity boosters. 

Productivity apps are the best way to achieve that — and there are many of them. Although some are more complex and restricted than others, we believe it is best to use an app that is affordable, easy to operate, and flexible enough to operate on all devices no matter the OS.

Now, if you’re wondering which productivity apps are worth your time, we’ve got something for you. Maybe two things.

Meet Focus Bear and Vitamin R - the dynamic duo that's taking the productivity world by storm. They're both popular choices, but which one is the ultimate champ? 

Keep reading to discover the app that's tailor-made for you.

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Table of Contents

Focus Bear vs. Vitamin-R: Side-by-Side Comparison

From time management tools to distraction-blocking features, we'll look at what each app offers and how they stack against each other. So, let's dive in and see which app comes out on top in the battle of Focus Bear vs. Vitamin-R.


Focus Bear



Productivity, time management, habit tracking app

Productivity, task management, and motivation. 

Key Features

  • Website Blocker
  • Time Tracker
  • Habit Tracker
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Pomodoro Timer
  • Scratch Pad
  • Focus Music
  • Time Tracker
  • Pomodoro Timer
  • Scratch Pad
  • Insights Logbook
  • White Noise


  • Free trial
  • Monthly subscription model
  • Free trial
  • One-time purchase

Popular use cases

  • Habit building
  • Productivity
  • Blocking distractions
  • Habit building
  • Productivity
  • Blocking distractions

Available formats

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mac

Now, let's move on to the next section where we'll break these key points down for you one by one, so you can fully understand each concept.

Focus Bear

The Focus Bear app is a powerful productivity tool designed to aid users in maintaining focus and improving productivity. The app is based on extensive research demonstrating how limiting distractions can significantly enhance performance.

The app features a robust distraction blocker that effectively limits distractions and shuts off those pesky pop-up notifications, helping users to stay on task and achieve their goals. By customizing the settings, you can block specific websites and apps from impacting your work.

The creators of Focus Bear recognize that ADHD is a significant challenge for many people and offer practical solutions to help manage its symptoms. The app draws upon research suggesting that aerobic exercise, yoga, and meditation can help alleviate ADHD symptoms.

Focus Bear’s Key Features

Focus Bear stands out for its key features that make high productivity much more accessible. As a task manager, Focus Bear enables users to easily organize tasks into lists or categories and set realistic goals through the app’s advanced goal-setting tools. Let's look at some of the app's most notable features.

Website Blocker

With Focus Bear's distraction blocker, you can ‘greenlist’ any website or app that's not on your approved list. Because let's face it, we all know how easy it is to fall into the social media rabbit hole or get sucked into a never-ending Netflix binge. 

In the case of an emergency, you can easily remove any blocks. The entire process remains in your control.

Greeenlist/Redlist is how Focus Bear tags approved and non-approved websites on your list. 

Time Tracker

Focus Bear also functions as a time tracker, recording the time spent on specific tasks. 

During each work session, the app will track the time spent on the task and record it as a completed session. Users can view their progress over time and see how much time they've spent on specific tasks or projects.

Habit Tracker

Focus Bear is a productivity app that offers a unique habit-tracking feature. Users can create and monitor the habits they want to develop over time. The app provides the option to schedule each habit and track progress while sending reminders to complete daily tasks. 

This habit tracker allows users to build better habits that align with their goals and stay on track to achieving them. You can also effectively establish new habits and reinforce positive behaviors by customizing their routines and monitoring their progress.

Whether you're striving to master a new skill, establish a healthier lifestyle, or simply looking to improve your daily routine, Focus Bear offers a useful tool for tracking and achieving your goals.

Pomodoro Timer

Working non-stop is counter-productive and always leads to burnout. The Pomodoro Timer is an effective technique to boost productivity by breaking down work into intervals. Traditionally 25 minutes long, separated by short breaks.

Focus Bear's timer allows you to set the interval you'd like to work for and how long you'd like your break intervals to be. It also auto-detects meetings to ensure you won't be interrupted by breaks while you’re on a call.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Focus Bear is highly versatile. It offers seamless functionality across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Additionally, the app is web-enabled, allowing users to access it from any device or browser with an internet connection.

This level of flexibility makes Focus Bear an ideal choice for individuals who utilize multiple devices throughout the day and require a productivity app that can consistently perform across all of them. With Focus Bear, users can seamlessly switch between devices without missing a beat, enabling them to stay productive and on track, no matter where they are or what device they're using.

How Focus Bear’s Pricing Works

Focus Bear employs a subscription-based pricing model that emphasizes flexibility and value for its users. Focus Bear offers a 31-day free trial period to ensure maximum user satisfaction. This free trial allows users to experiment with the app's various features and assess whether it suits their unique needs and requirements. No credit card details are required at this point, so you can enjoy full access for the trial period without making any commitments.

In addition to the free trial, Focus Bear's pricing model offers an affordable monthly subscription plan at $5 per month. If users subscribe and then decide to cancel, the app also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee gives users peace of mind knowing they can easily cancel if the app doesn't meet their expectations.

Focus Bear’s Popular Use Cases

Focus Bear is a powerful productivity app that can help users be more productive and reach their goals. Focus Bear can handle almost any task you need to do, whether planning an event, creating a presentation, or managing your budget. Here are some of the top use cases for Focus Bear:

Remove All Distractions

Personal development requires a disciplined approach to time management, especially when dealing with distractions as unavoidable as the internet.

Users can choose between two options with its app: allowing access to all sites and apps or only the ones they select while blocking all others.

Make Your Day Productive

Time management is easier with Focus Bear. You can make small or significant adjustments to your daily routine to achieve daily productivity. 

Whether you’re writing a journal or taking a morning run, the app will assist you by providing notifications and preventing you from procrastinating with its full-screen feature.

Maintain a Healthy Work-to-Break Ratio

When you're in the zone, it's easy to lose track of time and forget to give your brain a break. But with Focus Bear, you can set a timer that'll go off every 20 minutes (or however often you want) to remind you to take a breather.

The app even suggests excellent active break activities to help you avoid getting stiff and achy. You can stretch, perform standing exercises, take deep breaths, or even try more brutal stuff like pull-ups.

Stay Focused on Your Goals

Focus Bear provides personalized focus modes to keep you on target and accomplish your tasks. If you lose concentration and switch to another website or domain, the Super Pomodoro mode will prompt you to get back on track.

Vitamin R

Vitamin R works by breaking your tasks into shorter, focused bursts of activity and then giving you breaks in between for renewal, reflection, and intuition. You can access Vitamin-R from anywhere on your computer with just one keyboard shortcut! All you have to do is hit Ctrl-R, and Vitamin-R will pop up, ready for you to select a command.

While Vitamin R wasn't initially created with ADHD in mind, it has proven to be a game-changer for many people with ADHD.

Time Tracker

One of the great features of Vitamin-R is its built-in time tracker, which allows you to monitor the amount of time you spend on each task. By keeping track of your work sessions, you can see how long it takes you to complete each task and identify areas where you may need to spend more time or get distracted.

The time tracker is handy for those who struggle with time management or need to bill clients for their work.

Pomodoro Timer

Vitamin R takes the famous Pomodoro Technique to the next level. The Pomodoro Technique is a productivity method that encourages users to break their tasks into 25-minute chunks, followed by 5-minute breaks. Vitamin-R makes scheduling and tracking these breaks easy with its user-friendly Pomodoro configuration profile.

Scratch Pad

This allows you to quickly jot down thoughts, ideas, and tasks that come to mind. It’s like having a virtual notepad to capture your ideas so you can organize them later.

It also features the "now and later board" that allows users to prioritize tasks effectively by separating urgent tasks from essential but not urgent tasks. It also encourages users to break their work into smaller, manageable tasks, set goals, and increase productivity.

Insights Logbook

The app's Insights logbook also gives you an overall view of your productivity. It provides graphs and charts that summarize the data from each completed time slice, allowing you to identify which activities are most productive for you quickly.

In addition, it provides for workflow optimization, tracking trends over time and comparing different periods to spot any changes or patterns in your work.

White Noise

Vitamin R can be a great tool to block out distracting noise and help you stay focused. It has a white noise feature that allows you to customize the soundscape of your workspace. You can select from calming sounds like natural rainfall, running streams, or crackling fireplaces.

How Vitamin-R’s Pricing Works

Vitamin-R offers a one-time purchase for their app rather than a subscription-based model. Users pay $49.95 for the app and receive access to all features and updates. It also offers a 14-day free trial.

Vitamin-R’s Popular Use Cases

Vitamin R has seen success in many different areas, with users citing it as very effective in boosting their productivity. Some of its most popular use cases include the following;

Create a Structured Work Day

In Vitamin R, you can create "time slices" by dividing tasks into increments of no more than 30 minutes. This approach makes long tasks less daunting and more attainable, reducing the likelihood of procrastination.

Additionally, the app recommends naming objectives for each increment as specific and actionable, which enhances the perception of their attainability.

Switch Tasks Efficiently

The Vitamin-R app includes two helpful features for managing tasks: the "Breadcrumbs" section and the Log Book. The "Breadcrumbs" section lets users list specific tasks and resume them anytime, even after switching to another task.

Meanwhile, the Log Book allows users to retrieve and restore past objectives, providing a valuable reference point for future work.

Get Weekly and Hourly Analysis

With Vitamin R, you can track all their activity and receive insights into their performance, work habits, and preferences.

Focus Bear vs. Vitamin-R: Which App Should You Choose?

Vitamin R is an excellent option for those who need to establish a routine. Its powerful features include the ability to create lists of tasks and goals for you to focus on, allowing you to stay productive throughout the day.

Focus Bear, on the other hand, is an app designed to help you establish a routine and stay free from distractions. It allows you to block sites known for diverting your attention and provides gentle reminders to take breaks throughout the day. The app also has features such as a customizable notification system, so you can customize notifications to remind you of your goals and tasks.

For people who don’t have trouble dealing with distractions, Vitamin R works like a productivity booster helping you to achieve more. But if you have a hard time staying focused or excelling at time optimization, your productivity will be much better if you use both apps. 

However, if your choices are limited to just one of these apps, Focus Bear might be more helpful because it tackles the distraction problem head-on.

Start Tracking Your Time and See Your Productivity Skyrocket

Focus Bear and Vitamin R are powerful productivity tools that can help you maximize your time. Focus Bear is the perfect productivity app for those who want to stay focused, motivated, and productive.

Suppose you're looking for an app that allows you to track your time, sharpen attention, block distractions, eliminate decision fatigue, and increase motivation. In that case, Focus Bear is the perfect solution for you.

Vitamin R is the ideal choice for users looking for a more structured approach to time management. Vitamin R can help you stay organized and boost your productivity with its comprehensive task manager, task-tracking, and project management features.

No matter which app you choose, staying productive is key to success.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Time Management Skills?

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Mar 29, 2023

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