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Focus Bear vs
Oct 11, 2022

Focus Bear vs. Routinery: Making the Most Out of your Routine

Having a consistent daily routine is the core of leading a productive life. It can help you improve your fitness, your mental health, your sleep and your productivity.

Focus Bear and Routinery help you get started in building the ultimate daily routine. So what makes the two apps suitable for your needs and which one you should select?

Focus Bear

Focus Bear improves your daily life in small increments. This incredible application comes with quite a number of features. Here are its prominent features:

Learn New Habits

Instead of a to-do list, Focus Bear approaches doing daily activities in the form of routines. You can customize and set your morning, evening, and night routine with the app. When the time comes, the app will remind you through a full-screen notification on your smart phone and computer.

This habit stacking approach requires very minimal willpower to complete tasks because you are guided through each habit one at a time.

Each session has a customized Focus Bear screen. It will motivate you to meet your goals every day.

Discover Your Strong and Weak Areas

Each day, after completing your routine, Focus Bear will provide analytics of your activity progress for the week, alongside a summary of your focus activities for the day.

It gives you an idea of where to improve and alter your routine and workflow system to get the best results. You can even keep track of moods, activities, energy levels, etc., and get weekly and timely statistics.

Focus on Work without Distractions

With Focus Bear, you can block the entire internet, if necessary, for the best chance of not getting distracted and entering a flow state. You can also be less extreme and allow part of the web you need for completing the task and block the rest. The same goes for apps and games as well.

The focus modes will keep your priorities straight and even remind you to take timely breaks to continue your productive work session. It will also consider your work environment when it comes to breaking activities.

Taking breaks is important. Regularly getting up from your desk and stretching (or even doing some pushups if you’re at home) helps keep the blood flowing to your brain and helps prevent neck and back strain.


Routinery is a habit-building app centered around boosting productivity, wellness, and self-care. Here’s what we’ve found about Routinery after some hands-on testing:

Pick a Goal-oriented Routine

Routinery has its own set of various routine categories, which include morning, evening, productivity, the famous, relationships, and health. All of the categories have their own selection of prearranged routines, including the famous ones, which set the routines of Oprah Winfrey, Tim Ferris, and other famous people.

Take Control

Even though the routines come prearranged, you are in charge of setting the start time of the routine, reminder frequency for activities, and even editing the preset routines to fit your schedule perfectly.

Moreover, Routinery allows you to create your own routine from scratch as well.

Go through your routine step by step

What happens when you play a routine? The app will notify you persistently till you get your work done. It makes it difficult to ignore the app, and so, makes it possible to build a habit of maintaining a daily routine

View Your Progress

Like most habit-building and routine apps, Routinery counts your weekly streaks for different preset and custom routines.


Both Focus Bear and Routinery make use of habit building and stacking to help you continue your streak.

With Routinery’s vast category of routines, you can easily set up the most suitable routine. But Focus Bear has additional features which can eliminate distractions to give you the best chance of accomplishing the most. Focus Bear also lets you include relevant Youtube videos (e.g. yoga/meditation) to follow along to while you’re doing certain habits.

Looking for a way to make your days more productive?

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