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5 Must-Read Books for Kids with ADHD to Help Build Confidence and Resilience

Apr 15, 2024

Are you exploring the world of ADHD literature for children? It can be overwhelming for parents and educators seeking valuable resources on kids with ADHD. We have uncovered five books for kids with ADHD that not only provide insights into ADHD but also empower children to understand and embrace their unique strengths.

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Table of Contents

A Brief Review of 5 Best Books for Kids with ADHD

Among resources dedicated to supporting children with ADHD, it's essential to find accessible and practical guides and books for ADHD that resonate with both young readers and their caregivers. In this quick exploration, we'll take a glance at some books, including picture books about ADHD, that have earned acclaim for its straightforward approach in addressing the challenges of ADHD: 

1. The Survival Guide for Kids with ADHD (Survival Guides for Kids) - by John F. Taylor

Among books for kids with ADHD, this book addresses the fundamental questions about ADHD, offering practical strategies for children to succeed in various aspects of life. Real-life scenarios, quizzes, and a message for parents make it a valuable resource for families dealing with ADHD. The book is part of the Survival Guides for Kids series, known for its straightforward and friendly approach.


  • Kid-friendly language
  • Practical advice for self-care
  • Realistic scenarios and quizzes


  • More suitable for kids under 7 years old

2. A Dragon With ADHD: A Children’s Story About ADHD - by Steve Herman

This imaginative children's story explores the challenges of having ADHD through the lens of a pet dragon. The book encourages understanding and acceptance, emphasizing that ADHD is not a defect but an asset with the right attitude and support. With engaging storytelling, it helps children navigate the complexities of ADHD in a positive light.


  • Creative and relatable storytelling
    Promotes understanding and acceptance


  • More suitable for boys

3. My Brain is a Race Car: A children's guide to a neuro-divergent brain - by Nell Harris

This book, inspired by the author's daughter's ADHD diagnosis, uses a race car metaphor to explain common traits in a neurodivergent brain. It provides self-regulation tools for children, cultivating open conversations about individual differences. The book is praised among books for kids with ADHD for its accessible language and practical guidance.


  • Simple explanation of neurodivergent traits
  • Encourages self-regulation
  • Facilitates conversations about individuality


  • Points can be too simplistic

4. What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew - by Dr. Sharon Saline (Author), Dr. Laura Markham (Foreword)

Dr. Sharon Saline, a veteran psychologist, offers a roadmap for parents to help ADHD children succeed in various aspects of life. The book provides insights into the inner struggles of children with ADHD and practical strategies for cooperation, academic success, and tackling everyday challenges. It is a valuable resource among books for kids with ADHD for parents seeking lasting positive change.


  • Insightful and practical advice
  • Real-world examples
  • Strategies for lasting success


  • Not suitable for toddlers

5. Defusing Explosive Behavior in Children with ADHD - by Rose Lyons

This book focuses on empowering parents to understand and manage explosive behavior in children with ADHD. It emphasizes positive parenting strategies, guiding parents on promoting emotional regulation and creating a supportive environment. The book provides practical solutions for parents dealing with the challenges of raising a child with ADHD.


  • Practical solutions for managing behavior
  • Positive parenting strategies
  • Insights into emotional regulation


  • More suitable for beginners 

Bonus: Best Read for Parents: The Explosive Child - August 17, 2021 by Ross W Greene PhD

In "The Explosive Child," Dr. Ross W. Greene explores a compassionate and practical approach to parenting children who respond to routine problems with extreme frustration. He dispels common misconceptions, offering a new framework based on neuroscience. The book emphasizes the Collaborative Problem Solving model, focusing on teaching crucial skills instead of traditional rewards and punishments.


  • Compassionate and insightful perspective
  • Challenges misconceptions about explosive behavior
  • Introduces effective Collaborative Problem Solving model


  • Might require a shift in parenting mindset for some readers

Choosing the Best Books for Kids with ADHD 

Selecting the right books ADHD for children doesn't have to be complicated. To simplify the process, focus on clear language, relatable characters, and practical advice. Look for books that are straightforward, engaging, and accessible to both children and their caregivers.

Start by considering readability and accessibility. Choose books that convey information in a simple manner, avoiding unnecessary complexity. Opt for engaging storytelling for fiction books about ADHD and relatable characters for fiction books with characters with ADHD to make the learning experience enjoyable. 

Seek out books and novels about ADHD that provide practical tips for both children and parents, creating a supportive environment for understanding and managing ADHD. Prioritize simplicity and relevance to make informed choices that enhance the journey for children dealing with ADHD.

If you are a parent looking for a problem solving approach we recommend our best read for parents - "The explosive child" by Ross Green.

Selecting the Top Books for Kids with ADHD - Editor’s Choice

Choosing the right books for kids with ADHD is a crucial decision, and one standout option is "A Dragon With ADHD: A Children’s Story About ADHD" by Steve Herman. Published on March 9, 2021, this book takes a unique approach by narrating the challenges of ADHD through the captivating story of a pet dragon. The narrative not only entertains but also educates children about ADHD in a relatable and positive manner.

Steve Herman's book stands out as an Editor's Pick for its creative storytelling and the way it fosters understanding and acceptance. It tackles the various aspects of ADHD, such as impulsivity and difficulty concentrating, through the experiences of the dragon character. 

The book delivers a powerful message that ADHD is not a defect but an asset that can be managed with the right attitude and support. Providing both entertainment and education, "A Dragon With ADHD" is a recommended choice for parents and caregivers looking to engage children in a positive conversation about ADHD.

Focus Bear Features for Children with ADHD

If you are reading a book to help your children with ADHD, the features of the Focus Bear prove to be invaluable in promoting a favorable ADHD environment. The app strategically addresses the challenges that children with ADHD may face, promoting productivity and focus without overwhelming complexity. One key feature is the habit routine, which aids in establishing structured morning and evening routines, allowing children to follow a productive schedule with ease.

Additionally, the productivity-boosting breaks feature is tailored to prevent distractions during breaks. The app gently reminds users to take short breaks, suggesting activities like stretching, journaling, deep breathing, or even pull-ups to rejuvenate the mind. This proactive approach not only helps in maintaining focus but also encourages healthy habits for improved overall well-being. 

Another noteworthy feature is distraction blocking, empowering children to access only essential websites and apps required for their tasks. This function goes a step further by providing the option to block the entire internet, ensuring a focused and distraction-free work environment. 

Lastly, the brain dumps feature allows users to jot down any distracting thoughts or ideas while not in focus mode, promoting a clutter-free mind and enhancing concentration during focused work periods.


Providing valuable resources for children with ADHD involves selecting books that are not only informative but also engaging and empowering. The featured books for kids with ADHD in this article offer a range of perspectives and strategies to help children navigate life with ADHD successfully.

To enhance your child's ADHD journey, consider exploring the Focus Bear, which aims to provide support for children with ADHD, helping them thrive in various aspects of their lives.

Apr 15, 2024

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