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15 Best Todoist Alternatives for 2023 You Should Not Miss

Mar 3, 2023

A recent survey shows that about 76% of people in the U.S. are dependent on to-do lists and apps. There are a lot of to-do apps and different apps suit different people. If you’ve tried Todoist and not been satisfied, we’ve compiled a list of alternatives. 

Whatever your reasoning may be, there are plenty of alternatives to try. But which of them is the closest to what you might be looking for? Here are 15 alternatives offering various features and functionality to help you find the best Todoist alternative.

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Table of Contents

Todoist: Focus and Organization App

Todoist is a productivity and to-do list app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, the web, and browser extensions. The app also acts as a project manager, which makes it easier to manage, create and track tasks and projects all in one place.

Todoist Pricing

Todoist’s free version limits you to 5 active projects and collaborators per project, as well as other limitations. With its Pro version, you can get auto backups, reminders, and much more, at $48/year or $5/month. There is also a Business plan, priced at $72/year or $8/month, offering admin and member roles, team billing, inbox, etc.

Pros and Cons

  • Free version offers a significant number of features for project management
  • Has automatic syncing
  • Effective app for scheduling, creating, and prioritizing tasks
  • Automatic backups and reminders are not part of the free plan
  • Assigning user roles is only available for Business plan

Best Todoist Alternatives

There are a plethora of to-do lists and task management apps out there, and not all are worth your time or money. But as an avid tester of productivity tools of all kinds, we are sure that these are the best Todoist alternatives you can find.

1. Focus Bear

Focus Bear is a productivity and task management app that helps you stay away from distractions and get more things done every day without requiring willpower. It lets you schedule your days, tracks your work and progress, blocks distracting websites and apps, and more.

How Focus Bear Is Different From Todoist

Focus Bear is more of a productivity app than a task list app. It lets you set routines and build healthy habits, blocks distractions, helps you focus, and takes productivity-boosting breaks.

Best Features

  • Personalized habit routines: With Focus Bear you can set up a morning, evening and night routine, which the app will notify you every time to help you build a habit of doing set activities.
  • Automatic goal and progress tracking: After the end of each day, you can see the amount of tasks you have accomplished. You can also track progress of any goals or activities, such doing 10 pushups every day, with Focus Bear.
  • Distraction blocking across devices: Whether you wish to block specific websites or apps or your entire internet access, Focus Bear offers both options so you can get rid of distractions and focus on what’s important.
  • Customizable focus modes and productivity-boosting breaks: With Focus Mode, you can set your goals for the day before starting a session, and the app will remind you of your commitment whenever you get distracted by a different website. Additionally, the built-in customizable break timer will remind you to take a productivity-boosting break, such as doing stretches, pullups, take deep breaths etc.


Focus Bear offers a subscription service of $5/month. You can try its 31-day free trial, and the subscription service will start afterward, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and no credit card required upfront. You can also contact the team to request a discount as a student or someone having financial hardships.

Pros and Cons

  • Lets you schedule and manage your day
  • Build healthy habits through daily routines
  • Can block distracting apps and websites or the entire internet
  • Have more productive work sessions through focus modes
  • Doesn’t have a to do list feature (yet)

Recommended for

Focus Bear is most effective for individuals who want to get more things done in a day and focus on important tasks than procrastinate.

2. ClickUp

ClickUp is a productivity and project management tool available online, for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It streamlines the process of task management, boosts team collaboration, and also assists in scaling your growing business. With over a hundred advanced and customizable features, and various built-in tools, such as Whiteboards, Goals, Docs, etc., it can meet your personal workflow preferences.

How ClickUp Is Different From Todoist

ClickUp offers much more features that are fully customizable, as well as integration capabilities with your favorite tools and team collaboration features.

Best Features

  • Advanced customizable features
  • Project hierarchy
  • Automation to manage workflow efficiently
  • Customizable and ready-to-use templates


ClickUp offers five different plans. The Free Forever plan provides different useful features for free, such as collaborative docs, kanban boards, and more. The Unlimited plan costs  $9 a month or $60 a year. Their most popular is the Business plan, which costs $19 a month or $144 a year. The Business Plus plan is billed $29 a month or $228 a year. ClickUp has an Enterprise plan as well with custom pricing.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers a variety of productivity and team collaborative features
  • Allows advanced customizing for optimal task management
  • Track time and access detailed reports of team members
  • Has fewer tool integrations

Recommended for

ClickUp is for people and businesses who want access to more features that can help manage their tasks and teams. 

3. is a task management and scheduling app for teams and individuals to focus on tasks that are meaningful and deliver their goals. It is available across all mainstream platforms - Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, the web. The dashboard contains your planner, to-do lists, and calendar, allowing you to plan further as you continue monitoring your daily agenda. 

How Is Different From Todoist offer more planner and calendar functionality than Todoist.

Best Features

  • Drag and drop tasks easily into schedules
  • Syncs across all devices
  • Recurring, one-time, and location reminders
  • Total calendar view and integration


The Premium plan of starts at $3 a month or $36 a year. With free team invitations, the Teams plan starts at  $5 a month or $60 a year. It also has a free forever plan for personal use.

Pros and Cons

  • Available for more platforms
  • Lets you organize your daily agenda all in one place
  • Drag and drop tasks
  • Doesn’t allow user permissions

Recommended for is recommended for individuals and personal use to track tasks and daily agenda.

4. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is a task management software for Mac and iOS. It is often cited by users as a compelling Todoist alternative. OmniFocus helps busy professionals remember tasks and easily manage their to-dos without the need to switch between applications. It enables you to create and manage tasks efficiently based on your preferences.

How OmniFocus Is Different From Todoist

OmniFocus offers project management templates for Mac and iOS that are easy to use and effective.

Best Features

  • Inboxes store actions
  • Easily identifiable tags and due dates
  • Project management and automation templates


The subscription to OmniFocus costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. You can also get a traditional license or lifetime access to OmniFocus 3 for Mac, priced at $49.99 for the standard edition and $99.99 for the pro edition, with additional purchase for each update.

Pros and Cons

  • Filter tasks using tags
  • Provides automation templates
  • Has more organizing functionality
  • Unavailable for other platforms except for Mac and iOS

Recommended for

It is recommended for Apple users looking for a Todoist alternative with more features.

5. Meistertask

Meistertask is a task management app with visual project boards that perfectly adapt to the workflow of your teams. Through integration with other tools, such as Zapier, GitHub, and Slack, and smart task automation, you can get more things done, and work more consistently. It is available for iOS, Android, and the web.

How Meistertask Is Different From Todoist

With agile-style boards, time-tracking tools, and team workflows, Meistertask is more robust than Todoist and to-do list apps.

Best Features

  • Completely customizable panel
  • Assign tasks quickly
  • Immaculate security with 256-bit SSL encryption and 2-factor authentication
  • User groups and admin account


Meistertask offers a Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plan. The basic plan is completely free, whereas the pro will cost you $4.19 a month, the business costs $10.39 a month, and the cost for enterprise is custom.

Pros and Cons

  • Lets you fully customize any panel
  • Organize and assign tasks all in one place
  • Allows time tracking
  • It doesn’t have a desktop app

Recommended for

Meistertask is recommended for teams and individuals who want to track their workflow efficiently.

6. Asana

Asana is a Todoist alternative, allowing you to easily plan and organize projects, workflows, and much more. It is a work management app for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS to help you focus on projects, goals, and daily tasks and grow your business. The app features color-coding projects and comments for efficient workflow and communication.

How Asana Is Different From Todoist

Asana focuses more on team projects with more collaborative and interactive features.

Best Features

  • Tracks all projects and tasks
  • Get real-time insights with Reports
  • Supports automation
  • Quickly share information with groups and individuals


The Premium plan costs $13.94 a month or $131.88 a year. Its Business plan starts at $30.49 a month or $299.88 a year. With its Basic or free plan, you can get access to a lot of its useful features, including assignee and due dates, unlimited tasks, and projects.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers a lot more collaborative and management features
  • Provides real-time insights
  • Allows comments and color-coding
  • More suitable for teams

Recommended for

Asana is an excellent app for teams to manage tasks and projects and assign them to members quickly.

7. TickTick

TickTick is a scheduling app for businesses of all sizes and individuals. It’s available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Apple Watch, the web, and browser extensions. The app helps to manage deadlines, tasks, files, emails, and much more.

How TickTick Is Different From Todoist

Compared to Todoist’s section and projects, TickTick has a folder setup. It also has more flexible pricing compared to Todoist.

Best Features

  • A workflow manager and to-do list in one
  • Easy to manage and effective reminders
  • Has Pomodoro timer and white noise
  • Assign tasks to one person or a team


The premium feature of TickTick will cost you $27.99 a year.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers Pomodoro timers and whites noises for deep work
  • Lets you assign tasks to a team or individuals
  • Offers a more flexible pricing
  • Doesn’t offer any free templates

Recommended for

TickTick is recommended to individuals and businesses who want to schedule their workflow and tasks and are looking for more flexible pricing.

8. Super Productivity

Super Productivity is an open-source to-do list, task manager, and time tracker for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. You can organize the data of your project, attach files, and create notes and bookmarks. It also offers a Pomodoro and break timer.

How Super Productivity Is Different From Todoist

Super Productivity has a time-tracking system, and lets users create bookmarks for files and links. It also helps build healthy habits and beat procrastination with its anti-procrastination feature.

Best Features

  • Plan, summarize, and track tasks
  • Integrate with GitHub, Jira, and Gitlab
  • Build healthy habits
  • Separate break and Pomodoro timers


Super Productivity is a free app without any additional charges or in-app purchases. 

Pros and Cons

  • Completely free-to-use and open source
  • Has separate Pomodoro and break timers
  • Lets you auto-import tasks
  • Helps build healthy habits
  • Doesn’t integrate with as many apps

Recommended for

Super Productivity is recommended for people looking for an effective task management and productivity app with Pomodoro timers for free.

9. Quire

Quire is a project management software for Android, iOS, and Chrome browsers. It helps collaborative teams manage and organize with unlimited tasks and subtasks, multiple assignees, comments, kanban board, Gantt charts, and more. The mobile app works partially offline and syncs changes when you’re back online.

How Quire Is Different From Todoist

Quire offers much more collaborative and project management features, such as Gantt charts and role assigning.

Best Features

  • Unlimited nested listing to break down a task into small steps
  • Streamline workflow with kanban board
  • Map out the timeline with a Gantt chart


Quire offers three different upgrade versions from its free plan. The Professional plan starts at $10.95 a month or $91.8 a year, the Premium costs $18.95 a month or $167.4 a year, and Enterprise costs $24.95 a month or $239.4 a year.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers more collaborative features
  • Suitable for project and team management
  • Gantt charts for free
  • Desktop App Unavailable

Recommended for

Quire is recommended for small and large enterprises that want real-time collaborations with multiple members or teams.

10. WorkFlowy

WorkFlowy is an organization and to-do list app for the web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It helps in organizing your brain through manageable lists and tags. You can also use in-line notes for it to run as a single-pane outliner.

How WorkFlowy Is Different From Todoist

WorkFlowy offers more organizational features, including tagging and global search. 

Best Features

  • Global search to find any or multiple tasks at once
  • Add unlimited images and files in-line
  • Kanban boards, live copy, and infinite nesting
  • Filter items through tags
  • Share permissions for collaborations


WorkFlowy is free to use and will start a 7-day free trial of its Pro version once you sign up. Its Pro version costs $4.99 a month.

Pros and Cons

  • Has tags and a global search for easy filtering
  • Lets you create live copies or mirrors of any task or project
  • Create infinite nesting structure and zoom in to find any important details
  • Create backlinks to anything
  • Has no direct role-assigning feature
  • Has no reminders option

Recommended for

WorkFlowy is recommended for individuals and businesses who want to brainstorm ideas, and projects, plan tasks, organize and collaborate on projects with others through sharing.

11. Azendoo

Azendoo is a task management and communications platform that helps teams organize, collaborate, and engage on daily projects and work in an intuitive and clear interface. It helps reduce time spent on meetings, and emails, turning work more enjoyable and efficient. The app is available for Android, iOS, and the web.

How Azendoo Is Different From Todoist

Compared to Todoist, Azendoo features messaging and time tracking.

Best Features

  • Assign duties and see what others are prioritizing
  • Conduct meetings with team members and share tasks
  • Centralize team communication


Azendoo’s team plan starts at $9 a month per user, and the business plan starts at $14 a month per user. It also offers an enterprise plan with custom pricing. Azendoo has no free version except a free trial.

Pros and Cons

  • Allows you to see what other members are prioritizing
  • Offers more interactive features
  • Lets you conduct meetings
  • Doesn’t offer a free forever plan

Recommended for

Azendoo is for managing and assigning team projects with many interactive options.

12. Trello

Trello is a task management app and one of the leading alternatives to Todoist. The platform lets you collaborate anywhere and anytime and organize tasks with anyone. Its kanban board is useful for personal as well as team productivity.

How Trello Is Different From Todoist

Trello has a much more robust kanban board featuring cards, so you can add more attachments and details.

Best Features

  • Quick collaboration using team playbook
  • Built-in workflow automation
  • Integrates with numerous other apps
  • Syncs with all devices


Trello offers a free plan for teams and individuals. Its Standard plan costs $6 a month or $60 a year. The Premium version is priced at $12.50 a month or $120 a year. The Enterprise plan costs $17.50 per user a month. 

Pros and Cons

  • The free plan offers more features
  • Allows customization of the workspace
  • Offers workflow automation for free
  • Provides more collaborative and business management features
  • Might feel overwhelming to manage multiple projects for individuals

Recommended for

Trello is recommended for those who want more collaborative options and features with a productivity management app.

13. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a smart to-do app for the web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Fire, and Blackberry 10. It also supports Apple watches. You can add subtasks to your tasks, and further subtasks to your subtasks, and repeat, tag, and prioritize tasks. It works offline as well.

How Remember The Milk Is Different From Todoist

In terms of functionality, Remember The Milk is similar to Todoist but has a different interface.

Best Features

  • Share lists to get tasks done faster
  • Works without an internet connection
  • Reminders via email, IM, Twitter, and text
  • Syncs across devices 


The Pro version of Remember The Milk starts at $39.99 a year. Its Basic version is free to use.

Pros and Cons

  • More customizable with its own syntax
  • Provides many commonly used features for free
  • Add tasks with Siri, Alexa, Twitter, and email
  • Offers more cross-platform support
  • The UI design is inefficient, using a half-screen format that needs a widescreen

Recommended for

Remember The Milk is recommended for users who want more efficient ways to add and set reminders for tasks anywhere without needing an internet connection.

14. Taskade

Taskade is a project manager with various advanced collaborative features for remote teams, such as chats, messaging, and video chat functionalities. It supports filtering, nested lists, global search, due dates, countdown timers, comments, etc. as well. It is available as a desktop app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Snap store, a mobile app for iOS and Android, and a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

How Taskade Is Different From Todoist

Taskade provides more features in terms of organizing tasks and projects as an individual and for team collaborations.

Best Features

  • Video chats and messaging
  • Create team roadmaps and automate workflow
  • Countdown timers
  • Assign user roles, and access to projects
  • Create separate workspaces for different teams


The Pro version of Taskade starts at $39 a month or $228 a year. Its Business version costs $99 a month or $588 a year. For unlimited workspaces and access to everything, the Ultimate version costs $199 a month or $1,188 a year. It also has a free forever plan for small teams and individuals.

Pros and Cons

  • Provides more team and task management features
  • Has countdown timers to track spent time
  • Lets you edit projects with your teams in real time
  • The premium versions are more expensive

Recommended for

Large businesses and enterprises with multiple teams and big projects can take the most advantage of Taskade.

15. Zenkit

Zenkit is a SaaS platform for collaborative database building, project management, and more. You can follow your data throughout its lifecycle, from research and brainstorming to a well-structured system for collaborations. From planning holidays and saving recipes to building a financial planner, automated reporting system, and own CRM, all is possible through Zenkit.

How Zenkit Is Different From Todoist

Zenkit provides the freedom to brainstorm ideas, research, and collaborate with others. You can also build your own CRM using Zenkit.

Best Features

  • Gantt and agile planning
  • Messages and chats
  • To-do lists, note taking and reminders
  • Assign roles and product access


Zenkit offers three different plans apart from its free personal plan. They are the plus, the business, and the enterprise plan. Unlike other apps where you choose a plan and get all the features, Zenkit lets you decide and pay individually for projects, hyper notes, base, to-do, Zenchat, and Zenforms, starting from an average of $25 a month.

Pros and Cons

  • Provides Gantt charts
  • Offers in-app chats and messaging
  • Assign product access permissions
  • The monthly subscription is pricier

Recommended for

Zenkit is recommended for managing and working on team projects or products, interacting with team members, and building all in one place.

What are Todoist's Best Features?

  • Inbox: The inbox of Todoist shows you your Today and Upcoming tasks scheduled, so you can get a clear picture of your day and days to come.
  • Due Dates and Recurring Tasks: You can set due dates for tasks and projects with Todoist’s intuitive date planning. Manage your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule through recurring tasks.
  • Add Tasks Quickly: You can quickly add any item and send them to your inbox. From the inbox, you can organize all your tasks based on priorities.

Common Reasons Why People Search for Todoist Alternatives

Some of the major reasons people look for Todoist alternatives are the lack of collaborative features and time tracking. While a lot of tools offer planners or calendar apps for scheduling, holding meetings, and tracking tasks, Todoist lacks such collaborative features. 

Time tracking is an essential part of task management tools as it allows people to determine what their next steps will be, as they’re working on the current task. It helps to keep everything more organized, but Todoist doesn’t offer such services.

Moreover, Todoist doesn’t have any issue management feature. When it comes to managing tasks, teams, and projects, being able to list the issues and let the teams handle them promptly is always a helpful feature to have.

Finding a Todoist Alternative That Works For You

When it comes to selecting new tools or apps like Todoist, the choice may be overwhelming. Most often, people go for familiar tools or with the loudest voices. But are they actually the right choice for you or your business? Consider your goals and use them to select the right tool. If your goal is productivity, then you put it in front of your selection process and not as an afterthought. 

What Makes Focus Bear The Best Alternative To Todoist?

Todoist lets you schedule and manage your days, and so does Focus Bear. But the difference is that Focus Bear uses habit routines, which require no willpower as you build healthy habits. If you struggle to complete your to-do lists, then Focus Bear is a worthy solution. Besides that, it also helps you remain focused on important tasks by using the distraction blocker, focus modes, and productive break sessions.

FAQs About Todoist Alternatives

Which app is better than Todoist?

ClickUp,, Asana, Super Productivity, Quire, Focus Bear, etc., are better apps than Todoist.

What is the cheapest alternative to Todoist?

In terms of pricing, and TickTick are the cheapest Todoist alternatives. Super Productivity is a free alternative to Todoist.

How to make the switch from Todoist to another productivity app?

To switch from Todoist to another productivity app, select “Export as a template” and save your projects as a CSV or JSON file. Then import the file to another productivity app. Some apps even have the feature to directly import from Todoist.

Start Blocking Distractions and Building Better Habits Today

While listing and organizing your to-dos can help clear the clutter in your head, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get everything done and be productive. Around 41% of tasks on a to-do list never get done. For that, Focus Bear as a Todoist alternative can help keep you engaged in your work, block all distractions and make yourself proud by incorporating healthy habits into your life. Switch from Todoist to Focus Bear with a free trial.

Mar 3, 2023

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