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Focus Bear Vs Todoist: Which is The Ultimate App for Productivity?

Sep 5, 2022
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Table of Contents

Personal productivity is by its nature, personal. What works for other people might not work for you. Nonetheless, it’s worth trying out new techniques and productivity apps to see if they fit into your workflow.

When it comes to productivity apps, Todoist and Focus Bear are some of the most popular ones. But which one is better?

Focus Bear

The first highlight of this discussion is Focus Bear. This productivity and time management app has a few straightforward goals. Let’s go through each of them to give you a better idea about the tool.

Tracking Your Work

After a long day, you would want to check on things that you have completed, right? Focus Bear has got your back in that regard as well! It will provide you with in-depth information that will enable you to track all of the things you have achieved by taking the help of the tool.

Helps To Dive Deep Into Work

It is quite annoying to get distracted when you simply want to put all your focus on the task at hand. Such distractions hinder the flow of the work and make it take more time than it should. Well, Focus Bear has a solution: turn on a focus mode and all other websites and apps will be blocked so you can get more deep work done.

If you have the urge to check Facebook, the app will step in and remind you of your commitment to your work.

Productivity Enhancing Breaks

It is pretty much impossible to stay productive without taking meaningful breaks. Focus Bear understands that. That is why it integrates a productivity-boosting break feature to make sure that the fatigue does not get the best of you.

Allows You To Build Healthy Habits

Focus Bear does not only prioritize making you productive. It also encourages you to build healthy habits. For example, you can set up a morning routine in the app. The tool will help you stick with the routine that you have just made.


This productivity app is about organizing your life and enabling you to achieve more daily. Just like Focus Bear, you will find a feature where you can set tasks for a particular time of the day. It will send you a reminder regarding the task, allowing you to finish what is important first. The reminders in Todoist are quite subtle in comparison to Focus Bear and can be easily missed.

The app also focuses on enhancing your mental clarity. It will automatically sort out your todo list for the day. There are custom filters, which can help you zoom in on the crucial tasks.

You will also find project templates, allowing you to make kanban boards and collaborate with your team. One of the other great things about Todoist is that it has apps, widgets, and extensions for every operating system. You can even connect your Todoist with other apps, such as the calendar app.

Final Thoughts On Todoist and Focus Bear

Todoist and Focus Bear tackle different problems. Todoist helps you get clear on what tasks are most important during your work day. Focus Bear eliminates distractions to make sure you actually complete the tasks that you assign yourself in Todoist. The apps are an excellent combination for productivity.

When it comes to habit formation, although you can theoretically use Todoist to put together a morning routine checklist, it’s pretty underpowered compared to Focus Bear. Todoist won’t block distractions and doesn’t help you decide which habit to do first.

Try out the apps at and

Sep 5, 2022

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