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The iOS app is still in beta (but it works pretty well). It's a two-step process to download the app:


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Stay focused as
a manager

Meet Your Deadlines

You want your whole team to be able to operate at peak efficiency - but not overwork them or unintentionally drive burnout. 

Here's how to keep your team productive, encouraged, and efficient. 

How much are distractions
costing you?

How many hours do you lose to distractions per week?

2 Hours

How much do you charge per hour?

Distractions are currently costing you $100 per week.
We think we can help.
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Block distractions
and get work done.

Your team's lack of focus isn’t a “you” problem - or their fault. It's a global big tech problem. Instead of guilting you into being distracted less, Focus Bear blocks those naughty attention grabbers by design with Focus Modes. That way the team stay on track on your most important tasks.

Setup Focus Modes in 5 minutes with Focus Bear:

  1.  Create a new Focus Mode and name it
  2.  Set apps that you want included in the Focus Mode
  3.  Set websites that you want included in the Focus Mode

For the most productive Focus Modes we recommend:

  •  Having a list of common time sucks to suggest they add to their "excluded" list
  •  Suggesting the creation of separate focus modes for the biggest job responsibilities (coding, project management, etc)
  •  Including a recommendation to toggle all focus modes to the Pomodoro setting

🗓️ Meeting Focus Mode is pre-installed and doesn’t show breaks if their camera or microphone is on.

Morning routines
to boost productivity

Following a habit routine starts your team's day with the feeling of accomplishment first thing. And they can do it without using an ounce of brainpower. (Mornings are hard enough, even after coffee!)

Have them set up their morning routine in 2 minutes with Focus Bear

  1.  They choose their habit routine activities
  2.  Then state how long they want to spend on each activity
  3.  Finally, say what time they’d like to start their routine every day

Then they're done! Know the team is starting the day off strong before a single to-do is marked done. 

We recommend a habit routine that includes:

  •  A physical activity like high-knees or squats
  •  A creative activity like writing 
  •  A mindful activity like meditation, prayer, or breath exercises
  •  A chore like doing the dishes or a load of laundry

🌙 They can also setup a night routine to help them log off on time too. 

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Take productivity-
boosting breaks.

Having regular breaks keeps working moving smoothly and burnout at bay. But figuring out how, when, and for how long to set them is no picnic. 

With Focus Bear, setup breaks that kill burnout in 2 minutes

  1.  List what specific tasks you want them to accomplish on a break 
  2.  Setup how often they get breaks within the set working hours
  3.  Decide how long you’d like each break activity to be

For the most effective breaks we recommend:

  •  Including a YouTube video for micro-exercise or meditation breaks
  •  Suggesting setting simple instructions for each break activity

💡 And you can set the breaks to random to add in some spontaneity. 

Know you’re
reaching your goals.

With the Focus Bear App, you rest easy knowing work is getting done and your team isn't hitting burnout. 

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7-day trial, $4.99/mo afterwards,
30 day money back guarantee
No Credit Card Required Upfront

Student/hardship discounts available
Cross device distraction blocking
Personalized habit routines
Productivity-boosting breaks
Customizable focus modes
Automatic goal tracking

Founder’s Note

Jeremy Nagel, Chief Bear Obeyer (CBO) at Focus Bear.

G'day mate!

Despite my best intentions, every day my amazing morning routine would devolve into sleepily checking emails - and then wondering what happened to my time.

I wanted a tool that would actually force me to get my yoga done instead of scrolling. And I tried everything; parental control apps, hiding my laptop in a cupboard, asking my wife to slap me if she found me on email in the morning.

None of them worked consistently and my cheeks were getting sore.

In desperation, I started working with a MacOS dev on a new app that would blend the best features from other apps out there. One that would guide me towards better habits while reducing procrastination.

And now I have the solution - Focus Bear.

Since using the app, I’ve consistently done my morning routine and reached Super Saiyan status as a Yogi (or at least that’s my excuse for dying my hair blond).

Try out Focus Bear for free and have your beary best day!

Jeremy Nagel

Chief Bear Obeyer (CBO), Focus Bear


What if I need to get on my computer quickly?
What about meetings?
Can I customize my start and end times?
Can I customize my routines?
What platforms does Focus Bear run on?
Can I use Focus Bear on multiple devices?
How do I get support?
Does the app log my keystrokes and take screenshots?
Is Focus Bear really annoying?
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