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The daily routine of Obama

Oct 5, 2022

Do you need tips on how to start and end your day? Obama’s tips might provide good insights on overcoming your daily hurdles and being a better you.

History recounts many iconic stories. One story that history will be willing to tell with so much elegance is the story of Barack Obama. Barack Obama symbolizes hope to hundreds of millions across the globe. Upon widespread fame after his remarkable Democratic National Convention Speech in 2004, the curiosities about his life began to blossom.

Obama’s hard work and matchless comportment during the highs and lows of his eight years of presidency indicate one thing — he had a routine that kept his mind, soul, and body in shape.

We took our time to curate the personal strategies of Barack Obama just for you. This piece will detail some of his routines, including workouts, mental exercises, walks, and family time.

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Table of Contents

Work out

The former most influential man in the world had a typical wake-up time of 7 am.

The first thing he checked off his list every morning was his workout. He would spend 45 minutes, six days a week, alternating between weights and cardio.

This was non-debatable, not even by congress. (hehe…see what we did there)

He maintained his early workout routine as an essential part of his life.

He says, “The rest of my time will be more productive if you give me my workout time,” recalls Jim Cauley, who managed Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate campaign.

Obama wrote on the demands of combining a presidential campaign with his senatorial duties while also trying to maintain a good lifestyle. In his 2020 memoir, A Promised Land, he writes: “I’d wake up after five or six hours and try to squeeze in a workout at whatever facility we could find (the old treadmill in the back of a tanning salon was memorable).”

Obama would join his family for breakfast after a workout.

Mental Exercise

Obama said in a November 2008 interview with Men’s Health stated: “The most difficult thing is to carve out time to think, which is probably the most important time for somebody who’s trying to shift an organisation, or in this case, the country, as opposed to doing the same things that have been done before. And I find that time slips away.”

We can deduce from this that the ex-president was very intentional about what Bill Gates elaborately terms “think weeks.”

Many great people do not only think or try on the spot; they dedicate a separate time where they are entirely focused on analyzing the world around them. This way, they are better equipped to face the issues head-on and proffer solutions that are not a product of haste.

This level of analytical and futuristic thinking needs the highest level of focus to execute. You’ll need Focus Bear if you want to replicate that.

In a 2016 New York Times profile, Obama’s nightly routine was highlighted as comprising reading, writing, and planning. He would mentally relieve or reduce the pressure from the day by snacking on salted almonds while catching up on ESPN.

Notably, he would sneak in a little bit of thinking.

In his memoir, he confessed: “For me, these were often the quietest and most productive hours of the day, a time when I could catch up on work and prepare myself for whatever was coming next, poring over the stacks of material my staff secretary sent up to the residence for my review.”


On his one-minute walk to work every day at the West Wing of the White House, he took advantage of his commute to think and process things before starting work for the day.

According to an Instagram revelation by him, he posted: “It was along this walkway that I’d gather my thoughts for the day, preparing for conversations with members of Congress and constituents, reviewing plans and proposals to move the country forward.”

Obama understood the significance of walks, and if you’re looking to start your day in the best mental space, a great morning walk would be helpful.

Similarly, Billionaire and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, would usually walk five miles to work, which lasts an hour and 15 minutes, to get into the office by 9 am.

The young billionaire does not email or text on these walks, he simply declutters by thinking and listening to music or audiobooks.

After work in the evenings, Obama revealed that: “On the way back to the residence in the evenings, my briefcase stuffed with papers, I’d use the time to clear my mind, anticipating my dinner with Michelle and the girls, and an exuberant greeting from the dogs.”

Family Time

In a November 2021 interview with TheSkimm, Obama revealed, “In jobs of great stress, like the presidency, mental health has to be a priority. I’m fortunate to have a naturally pretty calm and steady temperament. The two things that were most important for me [were] exercise in the morning, hitting the gym, and the second thing was family. Listening to my daughters talk about their days, stupid boys, strange teachers, gossip, and weird questions. That always [puts] my mind right”.

One of the perks of living above the Oval Office was that Obama could catch a break from work to be a father to his family like he was to the nation. The time spent on dinner with the family, reading his daughter’s bedtime stories, and catching up on movies with Michelle was beneficial for his mental health.

In his memoir, he wrote: “In that hour and a half or so each evening, I found myself replenished– my mind cleansed and my heart cured of whatever damage a day spent pondering the world and its intractable problems may have done.”

Our Conclusion

We all want to make monumental impacts in our world like Obama had the audacity to do. A remarkable life is a combination of remarkable days spread over several years.

Many of us would love to be an Obama in our little sphere of influence at work, school, home, community, or basketball court. We can all be better Obamas by being ourselves and combining our true selves with helpful lessons from Barack Obama’s strategy.

In summary, our point is:

The business of life commences one morning at a time.

Start your morning well with Focus Bear as your wingman.

Oct 5, 2022

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