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Relying on Focus Bear as your Discipline Muscle Grows

Jan 6, 2023
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Table of Contents

Discipline is essential for achievements, goals, and objectives. The main reason is that staying focused on what we want and intend to achieve in life is not easy and requires a foolproof way to achieve it or a structured method to keep us on track. If you need help with discipline, Focus Bear will help you succeed! 

Welcome to Focus Bear! 

Focus Bear gives you a BEARY warm welcome!

Have you visited our webpage: yet? By browsing and reading you will find out this is an app designed by someone with ADHD to help users stay on track with their goals, by promoting focus blocks through the Pomodoro technique, active breaks, and even mindfulness activities, so you can connect to your full potential. Take advantage of the free 30-day trial. Just download the app, make an account, personalize it if you wish, and start focusing like never before.  

All you have to do is click the Try for free or the Download trial button as you can see in the image below:

Focus Bear is here to help you with accountability and help build up your discipline. Over time, your habits will become second nature and you’ll do your habits every day even if you don’t have access to the app.

Discipline is not built overnight, so Focus Bear wants to support you in your self-development process.  Discipline gains strength every time we stay on the path of making efforts and contributions toward the achievement of our goals. This is exactly where this app will come into play! It will help you stay focused with the Pomodoro mode and commit to being fully present in your productive task for blocks.

The app also helps you intersperse your focus blocks with breaks. Working non-stop is a recipe for burnout.

One of the reasons we feel tempted to work long hours is because of poor productivity during the day. A common culprit is distractions. If you’re working hard on a difficult task and get interrupted, you’ll often completely lose the thread of the connection between your objectives and the action steps needed to accomplish them. Distractions get us out of our flow state of when we are most productive. This is costly because it can hinder, delay, or in the worst case lead us to abandon our goals. 

One of the priorities of Focus Bear is to block distractions by blocking websites that are irrelevant to the task you’re working on. By avoiding distractions, you are more likely to stay in a flow state and get more done.

The number one factor in avoiding distractions and staying focused is achieving discipline or having a system that blocks them. Again, Focus Bear will help with the latter, as our website-blocking technology will make it impossible for you to access Social Media or any websites you block.

Does Focus Bear only help with short-term goals?

Focus Bear is here to help you achieve short, medium, and even long-term goals. All you need to do is stay on task when in a productive block, be open to taking mindful or active breaks, and aim to do better each day.  We want you to get excited when your progress tracking statistics show your improvement and stay optimistic and set SMART goals moving forward if you are plateauing or going downhills. It is our goal to support you every step of the way. We are there for you on the days you are on fire, but also on your off days. 

Time is not the only factor that gets you the results you want. There are other factors that directly contribute to achieving the initial objectives, such as focus and clarity.

We want you to truly value each step of the way in your progress.  All parts of the process contribute to your ultimate achievement. Discipline leads us to develop our self-esteem, increase our confidence in ourselves, and build a solid emotional structure. Achieving discipline is a factor in productivity that can constantly change depending on our lives. When we prioritize difficult tasks, it makes us reach new heights and helps us develop personal and professional projects, as well as achieve the goals and objectives we have set for ourselves.

Discipline requires perseverance from each human being and your will is an essential part of consistent progress. 

Nobody is born with a solid discipline, and this is why Focus Bear is here to support you as you continue building it.

Jan 6, 2023

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