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Focus Bear vs. Virtue Map: Eliminating Procrastination for Productivity

Oct 10, 2022

While procrastinating once in a while is common for everyone, some people really struggle with procrastination. Around 20% of adults and 50% of college students are chronic procrastinators. However, Virtue Map and Focus Bear can help you overcome them.

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Table of Contents

Focus Bear

Available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, Focus Bear uses features that work against procrastination and distractions. Here are its features:

Block Distractions on Computer

One of the biggest causes of procrastination is getting side-tracked on random websites or smart phone apps. Focus Bear helps you block distractions when you’re in deep work.

You can choose to just block a few distracting websites and allow everything else or if you really struggle with staying focused, you can choose to only allow a few relevant websites and block the rest of the internet.

Create Timely Routines

Following a daily routine can prevent procrastination as it eliminates decision fatigue. Focus Bear features personalized morning, evening, and night routines.

The app guides you through each habit one at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

It also has a full-screen notification system across your computer and smart phone. As a result, there’s no way you’ll forget to do your habits.

At the end of the day, Focus Bear provides a focused summary. It summarizes your successes and failures in accomplishing tasks for you to reflect on.

Build a Productive Workflow Regimen

Focus Bear has a break timer automatically built in that alerts you every 20 minutes (you can customise the interval) to take a break from work. To ensure you get the most out of your break, the app will suggest you do light exercises, one minute of pull-ups, stretching, deep breathing, etc.

There is also an office mode option that makes sure you only get asked to do break activities that are appropriate to do around other people..

Virtue Map

Virtue Map is a web-based app aiming at overcoming procrastination habits by providing custom behavioral therapy programs.

Tailored Programs to Prevent Procrastination

Virtue Map asks you thorough questions regarding your procrastination habits, how it affects your life, which are you wanting to focus on more and any life skill you want to develop. Based on your honest answers, it will give you a three-month program, which can include tailored productivity tools and systems, daily tasks, and guidance.

Anti-Procrastination Advices

As a behavioral therapy program, Virtue Map will cover advice to overcome procrastination. The app provides advice related to your work, finance, emotional health, and relationships.

Doesn’t Take Over Your Day

Every day you will only need to spend 5 to 20 minutes of your day with the app to learn about productivity, advice, and ways to prevent procrastination, eliminate stress and anxiety surrounding not being able to commit to tasks, build life skills, etc. Each session works on changing your brain’s neurological pathways to eliminate procrastination and improve concentration ability.

Final Thoughts

While the result of procrastination isn’t typically positive, the reason can be different for everyone.

In that sense, Virtue Map can be an efficient way of, not only identifying the cause but also learning to prevent procrastination in your daily life.

However, sometimes knowledge isn’t powerful enough on its own and you need a sidekick to implement the lessons you’ve learned. Focus Bear can help you implement those methods and advice in your daily routine, alongside showing you a direct analytical view of your progress for a hands-on approach to eliminate procrastination from its roots.

Oct 10, 2022

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