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Focus Bear vs. Structured: How to Plan Faster and Better

Oct 10, 2022
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Table of Contents

Maintaining a consistent daily routine can not only support cognitive function but is also good for coping with change. But it can be hard to continue a routine, especially if your schedule is busy.

Focus Bear and Structured make it easier to plan and maintain your daily schedules while making them more attainable.

Focus Bear

Focus Bear makes clever use of habit stacking along with other features that are easy to implement in your daily life to improve planning and management. Here are its features:

Develop Habits through Routines

Focus Bear allows you to create routines, starting with how you want to start your morning as well as how you want to wind down at the end of the day. The app can be adjusted to your preferences, and it will notify you every day, so you can slowly change your lifestyle.

It will even keep track of your streaks and progress each day.

Stay Focused and Away from Distractions

It can be hard to get into flow, but it’s harder to get back into deep work after losing focus. With Focus Bear’s focus mode feature, you won’t be able to access any distracting websites when you’re in flow.

You can also block distracting apps and websites on your phone to fully engage in your work.

Maintain a Productive Workflow

While maintaining multi-hour deep work sessions is impressive, it can cause burnout. Focus Bear’s automatic built-in break timer will remind you to take regular breaks (every 20 minutes is recommended but you can also personalize the break time), so you can continue your work without exhausting your mind and body. It will ask you to do stretches, deep breathing, light exercises, or pull-ups — depending on your workplace environment and your preferences.


Structured is a free-to-use app that lets you create a timeline of plans for the day, week, or month. Here is how it helps:

Import Tasks and Reminders from other Calendars

Apart from organizing and planning your tasks on the app, you can easily import events, and reminders from other calendars such as Google, iCloud, Outlook, and more. You can also use the inbox store to create a to-do list of tasks with no definitive deadline.

Use across Multiple Devices

The Structured app is available on macOS, iOS, and iPad, and you can use one account on all devices seamlessly with automatic syncing via iCloud.

Customization and Language Support

You can personalize by choosing the app’s theme color and icons matching the task. Structured supports over 30 different languages for you to be more comfortable using the app.

Final Words

Both apps can be implemented in your everyday life to manage any task more efficiently. With Structured, you can split tasks into smaller timelines to make them more easily digestible as well as keeping an extensive list of tasks and plans for the future without overwhelming yourself.

Focus Bear assumes that you use another system for planning your tasks (e.g. Structured or just a piece of paper) and concentrates on keeping you dialed in to your task at hand as well as making sure that you take breaks when needed. The two apps co-exist very nicely to help you get a lot done without burning out.

Oct 10, 2022

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