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Focus Bear Vs StickK: Make Your Life Easier with Goal-Setting

Oct 4, 2022

Focus Bear Vs StickK: achieve your goals with the help of an app

According to research conducted by Gail Matthews, you are 64% more likely to achieve your goals if they are actionable commitments and written down. However, just writing the goals down and using the power of attraction may not be enough to get them done unless you have psychic super powers. For mere mortals, the productivity/habit apps Focus Bear and StickK can help increase the likelihood of ticking off those written goals.

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If you need a strong incentive to meet your long-term goals, stickK will help you get it done or pay the price. Here is how it works:

Commit to Your Goal via Commitment Contracts

If money is on the line, people are 300% more likely to achieve their goals. When you set goals on stickK, the app will ask you to put an amount of money on the line that you’ll sorely miss — if you don’t meet your goals on time, the money will vanish.

You get to choose where your money goes. It can be to a friend, a charity you support, to stickK, or to an anti-charity (a charity or political party you don’t support). Losing money is pretty painful especially if it’s going to a cause you detest so you can see how this would increase your motivation!

To make sure you don’t cheat, you can appoint a friend as your habit judge. You have to prove to them that you’ve completed the habit/goal otherwise the money goes bye-bye.

Join Specific Goal-oriented Communities

StickK has over ten communities dedicated to different goal categories, such as weight loss, family and relationships, career, etc., which you can join and support others. You can also keep yourself accountable through your public profile showing your progress.

Focus Bear

Focus Bear is a habit-building app with a few unique features. Let’s review them:

Create Productive Daily Routines

Focus Bear emphasises morning and evening routines. You tell the app what you want to do each morning and evening and it guides you through the activities.

You might want to go for a run and do some deep breathing sessions in the morning and then spend some time building a chainsaw wielding battle-bot in the evening. They’re your habits — make it your own.

Habit Reminders You Won’t Ignore

Focus Bear refuses to let you forget about your habits. Whereas most habit apps (including StickK) rely on push notifications to remind you, Focus Bear goes a step further and covers the whole screen (on your computer and phone) to make sure you don’t end up scrolling through social media after waking up rather than doing yoga.

Throughout the day, Focus Bear keeps a record of your activities and shows you your progress.

Improve Workflow and Concentration

As well as its habit formation superpowers, Focus Bear also helps you be more productive. The app lets you activate focus mode which will block distractions on your computer and phone for the chosen length of time.

You tell the app what apps and websites are productive: everything else will get blocked.

How they work together

StickK’s strong incentive can be perfect for long-term goals such as losing a certain amount of weight by the end of the year or running a marathon. To maximise the chances of hitting those goals, you can use Focus Bear so that you’ll take the required actions (habits) every day.

Oct 4, 2022

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