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Focus Bear Vs Habit Loop: The Art of Forming Good Habits

Nov 1, 2022

According to a research conducted at Duke University, our habits make up around 45% of our daily actions. However, forming a new habit can be difficult as it requires a lot of effort and potentially involves untangling old habits that are getting in the way.

However, apps like Focus Bear and Habit Loop make it easier to develop healthy habits, without requiring a lot of willpower.

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Table of Contents

Focus Bear

Focus Bear helps you develop habits without making it a chore.

Daily Routines

When you’re forming a new habit, it’s easy to forget to actually do it. Focus Bear acts as training wheels for your habits — you tell the app what morning/evening habits you want to develop and it will guide you through each of them.

To avoid distractions, when you’re doing a habit, Focus Bear will block other apps and show relevant videos where it’s appropriate (e.g. a follow-along exercise video can work wonders for motivation).

Focus Mode

Distractions can not only slow down your progress but also can lead you to forget or miss a step in the middle of the work. Focus Bear’s focus mode persistently reminds you of the tasks you should be focusing on whenever you decide to open a different website unrelated to your work.

Moreover, with the app’s allow list feature, you can choose to block all apps, games, and websites on your computer except only the ones necessary for work. It is a more effective way of avoiding distractions than only blocking potential distractible sites and apps.

Streaks and Progress Tracking

For every task you complete, Focus Bear keeps track of it and provides a summary every day. You can notice your progress, improvements, and behavioral habits this way.

Besides that, with Focus Bear, you can track other metrics, such as your daily exercise (e.g. pushup, squat) activity. The app will track and show your gradual progress.

Habit Loop

Habit Loop is a free-to-use app to plan and keep track of your goals and develop habits over time. Habit Loop can be used if you are looking for the following features.

Setting Plans and Goals

Through Habit Loop, you can set a plan and additional goals involved. The app lets you adjust the repetition cycles from every day to a certain day of the week.

Available Offline

Habit Loop is not only free but is also an offline app. So you can manage your plans and track your progress anytime and anywhere.

Shows Activity Progress

For every weekly goal, the app will show your progress as you tick off completed goals for the day. The circular indicator of your plan will show your ongoing progress till it is complete. You can also check your history and the number of days you completed goals in a month.

Which App Helps to Form Good Habits?

Both Habit Loop and Focus Bear can keep you accountable for your commitments and goals while gradually helping turn them into habits. If you’re a pretty focused person and unlikely to forget to do your habits, Habit Loop can work well. But if you’re not making any progress with cementing your habits, Focus Bear’s habit guide feature is invaluable.

Check out the apps and decide for yourself: Focus Bear and Habit Loop.

Nov 1, 2022

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