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Focus Bear vs. Beeminder: The Ultimate solution for habits

Sep 18, 2022
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Table of Contents

Having an app to set and remind you of your goals can not only improve productivity but also give you a clear vision and keep you focused on it. Focus Bear and Beeminder are among such apps.

But have you tried any of these tools? Which app do you think will be the ultimate winner between the two?

Focus Bear

Whether you are looking for building better habits or tracking your goals, Focus Bear is a great tool to take your productivity to the next level.

Monitoring Progress

Focus Bear allows you to track any activity and see your progress over time. You can set a timer and log your progress for that activity easily and track your progress.

The app will also monitor your daily activities and work done and show you your report at the end of the day.

Create Around-the-Clock Routines

If you want to get productive from the moment you wake up, you can set achievable morning, evening, and night routines through Focus Bear.

Focus Bear will then guide you through your routine to help you reach your goals. To make sure you don’t give up on your goals too easily and get distracted by social, the app will block distractions.

Automated Break Timer

A healthy mind is in a healthy body, and throughout the work day, Focus Bear will remind you to take active breaks such as stretching or doing pull-ups.

You can switch to Office Mode to get work-appropriate exercises like deep breathing, drinking water, and standing up.

Focus Modes for Every Occasion

With Focus Bear you can choose and customize focus modes. The app will step in if you stray off to a website you shouldn’t be opening.

As well as allowing you to block individual websites, Focus Bear also has an allow list mode where all apps and websites apart from the ones you’ve marked as productive will be blocked.


Beeminder is a goal and habit tracking app that uses data, graphs, and stats to show your progress but with a monetary twist.

Real Money as Incentive

If you need a strong incentive to make sure you stick to the set goals then you might want to try Beeminder. It works like most other habit-tracking apps, but if you fail to meet your goals on time, it will instead take $5 as a penalty.

While it may seem outrageous at first, it is a strong incentive that works since losing real money is involved.

Graphs and Statistics

Beeminder keeps track of your goals and commitments through detailed graphs showing your progress. You can track up to three habits or goals with the free version and unlimited numbers using the premium version.

Final Words

Setting realistic and meaningful goals is necessary to achieve them, and Beeminder, with its penalty, pushes you to add only the ones that are truly important to you while increasing the chances of accomplishing them.

The two apps can be used in parallel — if you want to make sure you do your crucial habits at the start of your day instead of madly cramming in the last few activities at 11:50pm to avoid the financial penalty, set them up in Focus Bear. You may find that you don’t actually need the financial motivation anymore because you’ve got a more direct prompt on all your devices.

Sep 18, 2022

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