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Focus Bear Vs Bear Focus Timer: Is Pomodoro Technique Enough to Keep Your Work on Track?

Oct 25, 2022

There are over two million people who have used the Pomodoro technique to revamp their lives for the better. But, for those who are finding that the Pomodoro technique isn’t enough on its own, Focus Bear and Bear Focus Timer could be a great choice.

Both apps add extra dimensions to the Pomodoro technique to make it easier to stay focused.

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Table of Contents

Focus Bear

Focus Bear a productivity and habit app for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Here is how it works:

Prevent Getting Distracted

Distractions can be detrimental to any work session. With Focus Bear, you can block off all distractions on the internet and your computer to enter deep work without interruption. Instead of blocking websites and apps that distract you, Focus Bear does the opposite by letting you block everything except the sites and apps you need to use.

The app also has a focus mode called “Super Pomodoro Mode.” When using this feature, you can schedule your work sessions and enter your goals for the day, and the app will help you cycle through pomodoro work/break sessions for the whole day.

Take Controlled Breaks

One of the key aspects of the Pomodoro technique is taking breaks. It works best if you take an active break instead of scrolling through social media or watching funny cat videos. The Focus Bear team recommends stepping away from your computer and doing a micro-workout (a set of pushups/squats/pullups or just some simple stretches) to keep your energy levels high and avoid screen headaches/neck strain.

Create and Learn New Habits

Focus Bear uses habit stacking to make it easier to develop good habits and follow a routine. After installing the app, it will request you to create a daily routine of the new habits you would like to develop. Starting the day with some healthy habits will prepare your mind and body to achieve maximum productivity during the workday.

Bear Focus Timer

Bear Focus Timer is a charming Pomodoro-style timer app for iOS and Android devices. Its simplicity can be deceiving, but it is not just any other similar productivity app.

Simple but Effective Technique

The app has a very straightforward, adjustable Pomodoro timer divided into the typical focus timer with both long and short break sessions. But instead of keeping the device face up as you constantly check how much time is left on the timer, the app’s timer starts once you put your phone face down.

This assures you can focus on your work completely rather than worrying about the time you have left before starting or ending a session. Moreover, whenever you flip your phone face up or even drag it across the table during a session, the bear will fume with anger till you put it face down and get back to work.

Cancel Out Surrounding Noises

Bear Focus Timer also provides a few white noise sounds. As you put down your phone and begin a session, the white noises can cancel out all surrounding noises to prevent distractions.

Final Words

If you are struggling to follow the Pomodoro technique, these apps are definitely worth trying out. Bear Focus Timer’s psychological tricks might be effective to get you into using the acclaimed technique but if you want something that combats distractions on your computer and also helps with your habits, Focus Bear is the way to go.

Oct 25, 2022

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