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Focus Bear Vs Atracker: Easy Yet Elegant Ways to Save Your Time

Nov 1, 2022

Sticking to a time management method can be difficult, but finding a method that perfectly works for you can be even more difficult. It is estimated that the average person uses 13 different methods to manage their time.

However, there are certain apps, like Atracker and Focus Bear, that use simple but effective features for saving time that might work for you. Let’s find out which app works better for you.

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Table of Contents

Focus Bear

The features of Focus Bear center around overcoming procrastination and staying focused on the task at hand. It can save time for you in the following ways:

Maintain a Routined Daily Life

Having a daily routine can help get important work done while preventing delays. With Focus Bear, you can create your morning and evening routines and set small and achievable goals for the day.

Focus Bear’s notification covers the entire screen. This prevents any chances of missing or ignoring the notification and wasting time doing other uneventful activities, such as scrolling through social media upon waking up.

Keep Distractions at Bay

Distractions can be the biggest obstacle when it comes to finishing a task on time, and in turn, mess up your schedule as well. As such, Focus Bear allows you to block the entire internet and apps on your computer so you can give full concentration to your work. In case you need certain websites and apps available, you can choose to allow only those while blocking the rest.

Cultivate Good Workplace Habits

Focus Bear comes with a built-in break timer. To maintain a healthy and productive workflow taking breaks in intervals is essential. Using the app, you can adjust your preferred break duration and get alerted on time.

Rather than leading you to procrastinate, the app will boost productivity by suggesting exercises such as pushups, stretching, or even just getting from your chair. These breaks keep you both mentally and physically active.


Atracker is a goal and habit-tracking app for boosting productivity and helping achieve more goals. The app uses the following prominent features:

Quick Setup

Creating a new task or goal on Atracker takes just one step. Even though the app has various essential features, you don’t need to spend a lot of time figuring them out and instead focus on completing your goals.

View Your Progress Report

With Atracker, you can track and view your progress with bar charts, pie charts, and goal overviews. These progress trackers are not only visually appealing with their elegant design, but will provide a report for the day, week, month, or any specific time range from the past to keep a vast continuation of your activities and progress to look back at.


Saving time requires keeping track of your time. With both apps, you can maintain a routine of keeping track of your goals and tasks. Focus Bear’s routine feature is a great start for learning to organize your tasks by importance and gradually build a productive lifestyle.

To manage your work related tasks, Atracker’s features can help you maintain an organized schedule and track all your goals and plans. Both apps can work well together.

Check out Focus and to learn more.

Nov 1, 2022

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