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A Remote Worker’s Guide to Productivity

Oct 18, 2022

Read how a remote worker enjoys productive spells through resilience, creativity, and, you guessed it, Focus Bear!

Remote jobs are the new Nikes — everyone is trying to get one. Those who simply loathe the idea of going to work, parents who want to have more time for their kids, tech professionals with a knack for convenience — everyone.

I, for one, secured a blog writing gig very recently, remote and with great pay, and on my first day, I genuinely thought it would all go seamlessly. I mean, home is where I’m most comfortable and can work efficiently without my boss breathing down my neck.

What could go wrong?

But that’s the issue right there. With remote work, you tend to get too relaxed because you’re in an environment with zero pressure to work hard (or smart), which can affect your productivity levels.

So, when I discovered this (after weeks of failing to meet deadlines and carrying over several tasks from previous weeks to the next), I decided to develop a system to help me deal with my inability to be productive. A system where I enjoy the serenity of my home and still get to tick off every task on my weekly to-do list. I call it:

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Table of Contents

9 Simple Ways to Maximise Productivity as a Remote Worker

Create a Distinct Workspace

I realized that the first step to increasing your productivity levels as a remote worker is carving out a specific space where you can do your work without distractions. It could be a separate room, a simple work desk, and a chair in the corner of your home.

All you need to do is set it up with the necessary devices you require to do your job effectively. Trust me; unless you plan to sleep through your work hours, you should never try to work from your sofa.

Draft a Rigid Schedule

You’ll need a strict schedule to kill it as a remote worker.

Don’t just leave it all to chance and expect to achieve excellent results in the end. Draft a schedule that stipulates when work begins and ends, communicate it to your coworkers and employer, and follow it.

Doing so will help you enjoy work flexibility while you nail your daily goals.

Learn to Use Effective Communication Tools

Given that you’re no longer in a cubicle at your workplace, it is impossible to throw words over your shoulder to your coworker next door or stroll into the boss’s office whenever the need arises.

While working remotely, you’ll need to use other means of communication, either verbal or written, to pass and receive information and various online platforms for virtual meetings. Learning to navigate these mediums successfully will improve your performance in work-related tasks by 100% as a remote worker.

Take Calculated Breaks

This one’s important!

With working remotely, it can be easy to work many hours at a stretch since there are no cues from co-workers or official break hours to help you remember to take breaks. But the fact is, taking a break is essential to avoid burnout.

That’s why experts have recommended that you should take a short break every 25 minutes and a longer break every 90 minutes. Active breaks are the best: you can preset your breaks with Focus Bear like this:

Dress the Part

I know it might seem a bit silly to get all dressed up when you know you’re not stepping out of your front door, but the fact is, dressing up signals to your brain that you are ready to be productive.

Also, working from home does not prevent your boss from unexpectedly calling for an online meeting.

When that happens, you don’t want to be the employee that shows up in pajamas. Your safest bet is to always look professional during your work hours.

Be Open to a Change of Scenery

Life as a remote worker tends to become monotonous, which can decrease your productivity level. But there’s a way to avoid this — you can try occasionally opting for a change of scenery.

When sitting at home starts to feel like a bore, you can temporarily spice things up by changing your location. From time to time, I like to use a coffee shop a few miles away from my house or visit the park in my city.

Subtle changes like these are significant energy boosters and help me become more efficient at my job.

Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Coworkers

Remote work is not meant to replace team spirit and social interactions. Even though you no longer see your colleagues regularly, you must keep communication lines open.

Make sure to interact with them virtually, talk about issues you’re experiencing with your work, and chat about things other than work. Functional human relationships help you become better at what you do.

Discover Your Most Productive Hours and Stick to Them

This is a trick I like to call ‘knowing what works for me.’ You might discover that your energy level is at its peak at night, and you often feel fatigued during the day.

My advice? Plan your schedule accordingly. That is the beauty of working remotely; you enjoy the flexibility that workers who have to show up at the company’s location cannot dream of.

Study yourself, work accordingly, and watch as your efforts make a massive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Oh, don’t forget to track your progress with Focus Bear.

Separate Your Work Life From Your Personal Life

This is the holy grail of working from home. You must draw an obvious line between your personal and professional life. Ensure that during work hours, you press pause on anything else around you and channel your full attention toward getting the job done.

And when work ends, let it end.

Spend quality time with your loved ones, and enjoy popcorn while watching a TV show.

If you can successfully keep both worlds apart, you are definitely in line for that ‘employee of the year’ award.

Final Words

Being productive at your remote job requires a lot of commitment and planning from your end. Take your time to study yourself and the dynamics of your job, and then carefully create a pattern that will improve your chances of becoming the best at what you do.

Oct 18, 2022

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