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5 Must-Have ADHD Workbooks for Boosting Productivity

Jan 25, 2024

Tired of feeling like a productivity black hole? You're not alone, but an ADHD workbook can help. ADHDers are more likely to suffer from chronic procrastination than those without ADHD, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and defeated. 

But what if there was a way to hack ADHD brains and unlock the inner talent? You can do so by learning about the five ADHD workbooks designed to boost productivity and help individuals overcome the complexities of managing ADHD

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Table of Contents

1. The Focus Bear Planner

The Focus Bear Planner stands out as a versatile ADHD workbook designed to cater to the specific needs of individuals with ADHD.

With a user-friendly interface, this planner offers a seamless and intuitive approach to task organization. The layout is intentionally simple, making it suitable for both as an adhd workbook for adults and teens fighting the challenges of ADHD. 

It incorporates goal-setting templates, daily and weekly planning sections, and features for tracking progress. The planner's strength lies in its mindfulness techniques, providing a holistic approach to productivity without the need for complicated planning processes. It also seamlessly integrates with the Focus Bear app, enhancing its functionality for an even more streamlined experience.

What's included

  • Goal-setting templates: Tailor your objectives for personal and professional growth.
  • Daily and weekly planning sections: Efficiently plan your tasks and allocate time for various activities.
  • Progress tracking features: Monitor and celebrate your achievements to stay motivated.


  • The simplified layout ensures easy use for individuals with ADHD.
  • Incorporates mindfulness techniques for enhanced focus and well-being.
  • Customizable to individual preferences and needs.


  • Limited color options for customization may be a drawback for those seeking a more personalized touch.


  • Free

2. ADHD Self-Assessment Workbook by Alice

Alice's ADHD Self-Assessment Workbook is a comprehensive resource that focuses on self-reflection and practical strategies. 

This ADHD workbook for women and men alike is designed in a way that individuals with ADHD can easily understand and engage with its content. It includes personalized assessment tools, goal-setting exercises, and reflection prompts to encourage self-awareness. 

What sets this workbook apart is its emphasis on simplicity in language, ensuring that you are thriving with ADHD workbook by navigating its contents without feeling overwhelmed. While it primarily comes in a physical format, its affordability and occasional promotions make it accessible to a broad audience.

What's included

  • Personalized assessment tools: Gain insights into your unique strengths and challenges.
  • Goal-setting exercises: Create actionable plans for personal development.
  • Reflection prompts: Enhance self-awareness through thoughtful introspection.


  • Written in straightforward language for easy comprehension.
  • Promotes self-reflection through personalized assessment tools.
  • Practical exercises for daily life enhance its real-world applicability.


  • Limited interactive features may be a drawback for those seeking a more dynamic experience.
  • The digital version is not available.


  • $29

3. ADHD Workbook by Clutterberg

Clutterberg's ADHD Workbook offers a unique perspective on managing ADHD challenges, specifically addressing issues related to clutter and organization. 

The workbook employs visual aids to enhance understanding, making it suitable for those who benefit from a more visual approach. It provides decluttering checklists, organization strategies, and time management tips in a format that is both engaging and informative. With a focus on real-life scenarios, this workbook avoids an intricate tapestry of theoretical concepts, ensuring practical relevance.

What's included

  • Decluttering checklists: Tackle clutter systematically with practical lists.
  • Organization strategies: Learn effective methods for maintaining an organized living space.
  • Time management tips: Develop skills to manage your time efficiently.

  • Visual aids contribute to a better understanding of concepts.
  • Real-life scenarios make the content relatable and applicable to everyday life.
  • Interactive elements enhance user engagement.


  • The level of detail in some sections may be more than necessary for quick reference.
  • Minimalists may find some sections less applicable to their preferences.


  • Free

4. The ADHD Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Gain Motivation and Confidence

Lara Honos-Webb's workbook is specifically tailored for teenagers cruising ADHD challenges during adolescence.

This workbook adopts a teen-friendly approach, focusing on activities that promote motivation, confidence, and self-discovery. It incorporates age-appropriate exercises, goal-setting for academic success, and confidence-building activities. 

The workbook stands out for its emphasis on positive psychology principles, offering a refreshing perspective without intricate language that might be challenging for teens.

What's included

  • Teen-friendly exercises: Engaging activities designed for adolescents.
  • Goal-setting for academic success: Tools to set and achieve academic objectives.
  • Confidence-building activities: Strategies to boost self-esteem and confidence.


  • Age-appropriate content ensures relevance for teenagers.
  • Engaging and interactive activities cater to the teen audience.
  • Incorporates positive psychology principles for a holistic approach.


  • The workbook is primarily targeted at teens, limiting its applicability for adults.
  • Some users might find the content less relevant to their specific needs.


  • Paperback: $18.95
  • eBook: $11.49

5. The ADHD Workbook for Parents

The ADHD Workbook for Parents is a valuable resource for parents navigating ADHD challenges with their children. It provides insights and practical strategies, focusing on fostering understanding and effective communication within the family. 

The workbook uses parent-friendly language, offering practical advice for daily life challenges and tackling behavioral interventions for ADHD. It guides parents on creating a supportive environment for their children, avoiding intricate language that might hinder accessibility.

What's included

  • Parenting tips for ADHD children: Guidance on parenting children with ADHD.
  • Communication strategies: Tools to enhance communication within the family.
  • Behavior management techniques: Strategies for managing ADHD-related behaviors.


  • Parent-friendly language ensures easy comprehension.
  • Practical advice is tailored to the daily challenges of parenting a child with ADHD.
  • Guidance on creating a supportive environment for children with ADHD.


  • The workbook is primarily targeted at parents, limiting its relevance for non-parents.
  • Some content may be less applicable to individuals without children.


  • $24.95

Final Words on ADHD Workbooks

ADHD workbook offer practical solutions for individuals grappling with ADHD challenges. Each workbook we mentioned, designed with simplicity and relatability in mind, addresses specific aspects, making them accessible to a diverse audience.

For an added boost, consider the Focus Bear app. Crafted by someone with ADHD, this productivity app goes beyond the norm, aiding users in improving various areas of their life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can ADHD workbooks be used as a self-help tool?

Yes, ADHD workbooks are designed to be self-help tools, providing individuals with practical strategies and exercises to manage ADHD symptoms independently.

What are the key features to look for in an ADHD workbook?

Look for workbooks with clear, actionable exercises, personalized assessments, and user-friendly language. Visual aids and real-life scenarios can enhance understanding.

How effective are ADHD workbooks in managing symptoms without medication?

ADHD workbooks can be highly effective in managing symptoms by offering practical strategies for organization, time management, and self-awareness. Their efficacy, meanwhile, could differ from person to person.

Are there ADHD workbooks that focus on building self-esteem and confidence?

Yes, several ADHD workbooks, such as the ADHD Workbook for Teens mentioned above, include activities specifically designed to boost self-esteem and confidence.

Are there ADHD workbooks that focus on time management and organization?

Certainly, many ADHD workbooks, including the Focus Bear Planner and Clutterberg's ADHD Workbook, emphasize time management and organization strategies. These workbooks provide practical tools and techniques to help individuals effectively manage their time and maintain an organized lifestyle.

Jan 25, 2024

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