Focus Bear is a holistic productivity and work life balance app that helps you follow healthy habits in the morning, get a ton done at work and switch off in the evening so you have quality time with loved ones and plenty of sleep.

A Focus Bear subscription includes:
Cross device distraction blocking
Personalized habit routines
Productivity enhancing breaks
Customizable focus modes
Automatic goal tracking
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31-day free trial, $5/mo afterwards,
30 day money back guarantee
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*  Discounts available for students and people
experiencing financial hardship. Contact
to request a discount

3 ways Focus Bear can help you get stuff done

As well as blocking distractions (no more instagram when you planned to meditate), Focus Bear has many other benefits.

Eliminate Decision Fatigue

No more thinking about what to do during morning routines, breaks, and evening routines. Focus Bear will take care of telling you what you need to do.

Increase Motivation

Engaging videos and Progress tracking will keep you wanting to do your routines and take breaks that boost productivity.

Sharpen Attention

Focus Bear will protect you from falling into a black hole of distraction by blocking unproductive apps and websites when it is time do deep work.


We want to make sure Focus Bear is accessible to everyone regardless of your financial circumstances. If $5/month is beyond your budget, please email requesting a discount with some details about how you’d like to use the app and anything you feel comfortable sharing about your financial situation.

We can’t give a discount to everyone. It costs us money to host the app and a lot of money to pay developers to add new features and fix bugs. By paying a monthly fee, you are making it possible for us to keep making the app better. If you can’t pay yourself, perhaps you can help us get the word out by posting about it on social media/blogging.

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