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The iOS app is still in beta (but it works pretty well). It's a two-step process to download the app:


First, download Apple Test Flight
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Hyperfocus: The New Science of Attention, Productivity, and Creativity

Hyperfocus: The New Science of Attention, Productivity, and Creativity
Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey
This book introduces two important concepts of “Hyperfocus” (focusing on one thing with no distractions) and “Scatterfocus” (deliberately letting your mind roam free)
Where to get it
  • Be aware of potential distractions – your brain is designed to pay attention to novel stimuli.
  • Make a list of your distractions. Eliminate them to the best of your ability. (Remove notifications on your phone, clean up your surroundings, etc.)
  •  Try to work in spaces where you can control the distractions around you.
  • Keeping distractions 20 seconds away (a walk to the next room) can be enough to prevent you from accessing them.

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