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Habit Stacking: 127 Small Actions That Take Five Minutes or Less

Habit Stacking: 127 Small Actions That Take Five Minutes or Less
S.J. Scott
S.J. Scott
Changing habits is hard. That's why this book proposes to stack multiple new habits into one routine--that's triggered by a habit you already do all the time. He says to make them small (5 min max). Also, the best part of the book is that each chapter gives a detailed list of small but significant habits you could adopt.
Where to get it
  • Habit stacking is the art of accomplishing a chain of small habits rather than one giant keystone habit. The logic behind it is simple: start with something easy and use that momentum to propel you to the others.
  • To create a habit stack, separate habits into categories, and from there identify their types, the best time of day to complete them, and the frequency they should be completed. 
  • Each habit stack requires steps or rules that are easy to follow (and remember).

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