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We see ADHD as a massive issue that affects us personally (4 of us on the team have ADHD) and the broader community. It’s estimated that reduced productivity due to ADHD costs the US economy $87-138 billion USD per year (Doshi, et al., 2012). Children with ADHD experience significantly more difficulty with study than neurotypical children (Caci, et al. 2014). Untreated ADHD also has negative impacts on relationships, finances and almost every aspect of life (Wehmeier et al. 2010).

Jeremy Nagel
Jeremy Nagel
Founder & CBO
Manish Jain
Lead Desktop App Developer
Paolo Maderazo
Testing and Development
Deon Visser
Full Stack Developer
Amanuel Tesfaye
Front End Developer
Gaurav Kumar
iOS Mobile Developer
Andrea Cuéllar
Spanish Translator

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